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Hospital Life


When I read over the latest posts on Jaymun's website, I realize that they are heavy and very emotionally draining. Dave and I thought we'd take a little break from some of the depressing medical updates and give our readers an uplifting post. I have a little collection of some of his 'favorite things' while at the hospital. Enjoy.

Jaymun's Favorites
Warning: photos ahead may cause spontaneous outbursts of smiling.

Snack: I think I speak for all moms on the face of the earth when I ask, 'Why do they have to make them ORANGE?' They're quite possibly the messiest junk food around, but Jaymun loves them!

Modes of Transportation: The first 'favorite ride' of Jaymun's would have to be his wagon. It's intended purpose is to transport patients' luggage to and from the vehicles, but we've discovered that Jaymun fits perfectly inside of it. When he's not feeling well or he's out of sorts and needs to wind down, he asks to go for a 'gawk' (walk). It seems to soothe him to lay down in his wagon and have us walk around and around and around the hallways. When he's got a bit more energy, his second favorite ride is the truck from the playroom. Here we have Jaymun demonstrating the correct (read: safe) way to ride around, as opposed to the thrill-seeking method his Daddy has taught him. This truck has gotten a lot of mileage from being used by all the toddlers on the HOT unit.

Fashion Accesory: Although Jaymun's not able to walk right now on his own due to being so sick, he used to go for walks every day wearing this on his back. When he's sporting his Elmo slippers as well, it makes quite the fashion statement. And what does Jaymun actually carry in his backpack? Well, considering the pocket is the size of a credit card, THIS is what he keeps in there!
However, for the ultimate "Aww!" factor, Jaymun only has to wear this and his nurse ladies melt.

Career Aspiration: Jaymun seems to think that Kelly's job of desk clerk is right up his alley. He loves to go behind the nurses station and sift through all their drawers of office supplies, pull out their Post It notes, and especially answer the phones!

Medical 'Toys': Jaymun has grown quite attached to having his vitals taken. He will even tell the nurses which arm or leg he wants his blood pressure taken on! He calls the thermometer a 'baby' since the screen shows a picture of a baby crawling across when the nurse checks his temperature. His siblings have become accustomed to Jaymun shoving the thermometer probe into their armpit so that he can take their vitals when they visit.

Hangout Spot on the HOT Unit: His daddy made the unfortunate mistake of showing Jaymun what a vending machine is all about when we were first admitted. Now Jaymun checks our pockets while saying, 'Money? Money?' as soon as he sees the vending machine. This is also the scene of many a temper tantrum or two when Jaymun is told that he cannot buy a snack for the fifteenth time that day. Also the scene where many a sympathetic nurse rushes to Jaymun's rescue and buys him a treat anyways. Nurse Karen likes to tell us that she couldn't help it, Jaymun had to pick something out because he 'won a prize'. See what we're up against?

Visitor: Besides the obvious joy of having his siblings at the hospital, Jaymun has figured out that certain visitors bring and do certain things. Therefore, Jaymun has decided that since our pastor blew bubbles with him when he first visited, that's Pastor Rich's sole purpose on every other visit too. Although we think Fernando definitely is in the running for "best bubble blower" too!

Nurse: Is this really a surprise to anyone? Andy has taken care of Jaymun since he was a baby here on the HOT unit and I'm ever so glad to see him when he works on the night shift. It's a familiar sound to everyone around to hear Jaymun yelling, 'AHN-dy! AHN-dy!' when his buddy comes in to work. That's okay, we all love Andy to pieces too. (And sorry, ladies-- Nurse Andy is happily married. Yes, Jenny, he really is.)

And lest we forget Jaymun's other favorite nurses, here are a few photos of the people who take care of our little guy ... Nurse Kyla, Nurse Kelly, Nurse Evelyn, and Nurse Dan. There are plenty more, but I don't always have my camera with me!

Ways To Pass the Time: The hours can really drag by in the hospital and it is a full time job keeping Jaymun occupied and distracted. The list of his interests keeps growing, but here are some:

Talking on the cell phone
Playing with water in the playroom sink
Reading Books
-Watching the helicopter land
-Contemplating Life

Friends: Jaymun's favorite two buddies are Rey Rey and Lieym. To read more about them and visit their websites, click here and here. Sign their guestbooks and tell them Jaymun sent you!