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Fundraiser at Plymouth Culvers


If you live in the Sheboygan County area, please consider stopping in by the Plymouth Culver's Restaurant to eat.
Culver's generously organized a huge fundraiser on behalf of Jaymun this weekend:

Friday, July 18th -- 20% of Culver's sales will go toward's Jaymun's financial expenses. The fundraiser runs all day long, so consider stopping by for lunch or supper. (Several businesses have told us that they plan to call in their employee lunch orders that day for pick up from Culver's, which is also a fantastic idea!) I believe that they are having a special on Friday of Two Double Cheeseburgers for $5 and their Flavor of the Day is Snickers Swirl.

Saturday, July 19th -- Car wash for Jaymun from 9-3 PM. Donations will be taken.

P.S. If you eat at Culver's on Friday, please tell them that you're there on behalf of Jaymun's fundraiser and thank the employees for us. They've worked so hard to put this together for our family and we really appreciate it!