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Pray for Poop :)


CSF Nucleated cells are down to 4 (yup - that's FOUR!!)

He got platelets and hemoglobin infusions this morning (was low on both). (There is a bruise (hematoma) on his liver that they are watching.)

His CT showed that he is full of poop. (he hasn't had a BM for almost 48 hours now)

I suppose if I were a genuine herbal expert (like my mom) I would have been on top of the game days ago and supplemented him with something natural like Slippery Elm. Oh well... I've been scoffing at her "cures" for years - I can't completely learn everything in two months. Some people who know us both are going to have a laugh over this (grin).

So the challenge for today is to get him cleaned out. Normally we would just do an enema - but cannot because he is neutropenic (extremely low white cell count). So they have been giving him laxatives: Miralax and Milk of Magnesia yesterday - Fleet Phosphourous Soda and Senna this morning.

The first three were to soften him up - and the Senna was to increase motility.

Yeah... "motility" means "motion" ...as in intestinal motion.

So this looks like one of those times when we pray for success, get answered with poop, and are happy about it (grin).

P.S. After supper he started moving his bowels (lucky Jennifer because I had gone home). He perked up, but then spiked a 104.5 fever. He's already on broad coverage antibiotics and antifungals so this continues to be very tense.