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Great News


Thank God! Jaymun's CNS nucleated cells went Down from 62 to 14 on today's tap. Praise the Lord!

And his blood is starting to come back (barely - we saw a monocyte and his white count is .1)
That can't happen too soon - because Jaymun's blood tested positive for some fungus.

He is feeling a bit better... making Andy and I entertain him :)

Let's hope and pray he is moving towards both CNS and marrow remission. Then we still have the tough decision as to which type of (experimental?) treatment we will continue with - but at least we are doing that from a safer place.

In the mean time, when he is not struggling with infection(s), and because no better opportunities have presented themselves, the only option available for us to truly improve medical "odds" is to attempt receiving the (benefit?) of (the yet unavailable) DMAPT by giving him FeverFew tea (concentrated 500mics parthenolide).

I don't care if the Methotrexate gets the credit for CNS remission,
and the 2-CDA / Idarubacin (he is recovering from) gets the credit for marrow remission.

I just want to make sure the LSC's are gone (and that is the only "extra" tool at hand).