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Slowly improving


I'll keep updating this page through the day...

Fever mostly gone - only had to use Tylanol once last night...

Blood pressure good...

His Echo looked good...

Still drinking his "BadoBado"
(We had never had the nerve to wean him off his Bottle - I know, I know, hey... he's got cancer - give him/us a break :)

Jaymun got up enough energy to greet his "Andy!Andy!" one of his nurse favorites (ha Evelyn, take that!)

He is still tachypnic (breathing rapid) (65), his body is working quite hard - a result of the septic infection.
We hope to see that improve today.

His liver numbers were good throughout this infection...
His blood coagulation numbers have been getting steadily better since the weekend.

And the cancer...
...couldn't do the spinal tap yesterday because of his condition - so we are going to do it today (hopefully).
And then also administer a different (last try?) intrathecal chemo methotrexate.

As serious as his CNS numbers are - remember, his marrow is going to be the main story.
After so much chemo it takes longer to recover - and sometimes it just doesn't (bone marrow aplasia).

For sure as his marrow recovers over the next weeks we do not want him "blasting off".