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Struggling on the way...


About ever four hours Jaymun's fever comes back up to the mid 102 range - then we give him Tylanol to get it down.

He is still tachypnic (breathing too fast) (although improving). They did a CT scan and found a white patch on one of his lungs - not sure what that is - probably the strep infection.

His blood pressure is improving a bit, but it seems a bit odd that his fevers remain even though he has been on antibiotics for about 60 hours now (Meropenem lately).

And then there's the cancer. Since the second intrathecal chemo they used (Toputecan) was not working - they are going to switch to Methotrexate (first dose tomorrow if Jaymun is still improving). That might be the last shot at trying to get him into CNS remission pre-transplant.

And then, of course - his marrow wasn't in remission after the high-dose Ara-C salvage - that is why we just did the 2-CDA and Idarubacin. So we are hoping his marrow will come back and be in remission also.

If that fails - Jen and I aren't sure we would decide to do another transplant...
...put him through that again just to "buy" 3-5 months.

We're sort of walking along through the dark right now - one step at a time. I'm trusting that the Lord is going to bring us out. He can handle all these multiple challenges and design a way that will amaze us all.

Thank you for earnestly praying along with us.