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What God Doesn't Have


Just to make things clear, the docs at CHW are very good at communicating.
So they won't mind me using them as a "prop" to illustrate a point (grin).

This week we had an informal meeting. A few of the docs stopped in our room. Afer a few minutes, like happens quite often, I see them glancing down at their pagers. There are many other patients in the hospital requiring their attention.
Sometimes during a helpful conversation the pager goes off and you can feel your "slice of time" coming to an end.

Fast forward to church Sunday morning - and I'm chatting with friends about the different ways people seek comfort from God. And we talked about how Big God is - greater than all our combined human challenges.
They are like "child's play" to Him. The "grandness" of God can give us comfort.

I interjected something like: "I myself receive more comfort from knowing our infinitely grand God cares about my few little issues, that He wants to spend time alone with me, and is 100% invested specifically in me."

Then I realized the perfect analogy:
When you meet with God, He wants all your time, He does not get distracted because...

...God doesn't have a pager.