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Chemo and a Popsicle


Yesterday we started the new interthecal chemo (CNS). Today we start five days of IV chemo.
Next Tuesday they will do another spinal tap to see if it is working.

From yesterday's tap the CNS numbers were not good - blasts doubled in fact.

Lymphocytes - 20
Monocytes - 1
Eosinophils - 1
Blasts - 75% (Bad!!!)
Promyelocytes - 2
RBC - 2
Nucleated cells -7

I don't think we want any cells in the CNS - and the blasts are the bad ones.

Anyhow... Jaymun is oblivious, and I am trying to relax, to hunker down for this next month - gotta trust God's leading
...even if He does take us for a "walk through the woods".

Check out his hair - still has it - and (yawn) likes his popsicles at 11:00 at night!

P.S. - after Jaymun went to bed I worked on starting a supplement study for him - check it out and help me gather information (pay attention to my rules - only peer-reviewed studies)