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Counts Going Down


Jaymun's blood counts are way down. So that means he is at danger for infections.
He also has diarrhea. Since last night there is nothing but liquids coming out.
The chemo temporarily messed up the lining of his GI tract - and we have to watch this pretty closely.

He did eat a decent breakfast (eggs and bagel), and he still is playing and running around
- so it didn't seem to effect his personality (grin).

Oh, by the way - here are a few photo's from earlier this week. Jaymun likes to get pushed around constantly in a little wagon - and so that is my exercise, carrying along my coffee cup while I make the rounds with him.

Then I got to thinking. If I could convince the nurses (kind souls all of them) that what Jaymun really needed was his Dad to hold him while he was pushed around - maybe I could get a free ride, snuggle with Jaymun, AND drink my coffee all at the same time. ...well, I tried. (grin)

Also - I've always thought Dr. Kelley reminded me of someone - especially when he flashes that mischevious grin of his. Then I found a magazine cover, and everyone here agreed. So we got him to pose for a picture with Jaymun - and someone held the magazine beside his head! Maybe we should call him Dr. Jack from now on!

Ok - I admit on the first one I adjusted the eyebrows and hair a bit - but this next one is untouched!