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Extra Whip


This time of year its a treat to relax in a cozy coffee shop, hot drink in hand, savoring the seasonal sights and smells.

Yesterday I hung out with Jaymun at the Mayfair Mall - walking slowly, enjoying the holiday bustle, the aromas wafting from the food court... So many things to see, to taste, to experience. This place has it right - bookstores, chocolates, and at least four different coffee shops.

So little buddy and I took it slow. His stroller has two cup holders on top. In the left I had the Cinnibon Stix, and in the right the sugar/butter dip. Jaymun was sprawled out in front with a bottle dangling from his mouth, while I had in hand a "double shot" latte from Alterra - piled high with extra whipped cream.

Technically they don't put whip on latte's - unless you ask for it. I usually ask for "extra whip", and if the barista is good, then they put the tall latte in a grande cup, and make up the extra room with the fluffy white stuff. You get dabs of it on your nose until you manage to fit the lid on. Then the coffee works its way to your mouth bursting through the thick wall of cream onto your tastebuds... ummmmm... life is good (grin).

Yeah... I admit it... I have a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to whipped-cream. It compliments just about everything! Banannas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pancakes, waffles...
I even occasionally walk past the refrigerator, grab the bottle of heavy cream and squirt a little in my mouth.
(that is if Jennifer isn't watching!).

So anyhow, check it out... haha! I taught Jaymun something new! Wait till his mom sees this!