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We're behind on the monthly update, we know. Chalk it up to summer arriving and all of our other kiddos being home from school! Jaymun is delighted to spend the entire day playing with everyone and it's enjoyable to have all of us in one place this summer, as opposed to last year's emotional chaos.

Jaymun got his central line removed June 5th. It was such a huge milestone for him. And guess who was there to greet our little guy in the clinic afterwards? Nurse Bonnie was there to welcome us to the HOT unit the very first day we arrived last August-- he was only three weeks old and had just gone through surgery to have the central line placed in his chest. Dave thought it was fitting that she be there on the day Jaymun had it removed! We have now been relieved of flushing out his lines every day and changing sterile bandages weekly-- it was a two person effort since Jaymun didn't know that yanking on his lines could result in pulling it completely out. (No more of this to contend with anymore!)

Along with the central line being removed, Mr. Jaymun had his very first bath and he seemed to enjoy it! At first, he was pretty hesitant but his big brothers showed him what fun a bath could be. Funny how a simple thing as a bath was such a big deal to us as a family...everyone was gathered around the tub, watching for Jaymun's reaction to the water.

We're still making clinic visits every other week to the hospital. Now that they can't draw blood from his central line anymore, we have to numb his arm before going to the lab. It's just a bit of adjusting to a new routine for him. He is still doing fantastic and the crawling has progressed to full speed ahead! As soon as his line came out, he figured out how to get up on his knees. Today he just crawled up the entire set of stairs, which of course means we're going to have to be extra vigilant now! His daddy looks forward to coming home in the evenings and taking Jaymun out for walks to show him the sights in our woods... Jaymun is at the age where he has to touch everything he sees and exploring nature is one of his favorite things to do!

Our little guy is having his first birthday next month and we're planning on celebrating in a big way. It seems only appropriate to honor the fact that Jaymun is doing so well and is able to enjoy being one. It's been a really emotional year and we intend to count our many blessings. We hope to share a full report of his special day in the next update!