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We first want to apologize to everyone who checks Jaymun's website faithfully for new updates. Time slipped away from us and our homecoming from the hospital really made us just want to enjoy the "freedom" as a family together. Dave and I have decided that it's probably wisest to try to post a new entry at the beginning of each month--this way, our readers won't get exasperated with our lack of posting and will still be able to get a Jaymun update every month. It doesn't feel right to just leave people hanging, yet we know that with our busy schedules, it isn't practical to post entries daily or even weekly. We will also include a few monthly photos of Jaymun, instead of weekly ones. (I'm just being honest with myself and realizing that keeping a website going is a full time job!)

I won't leave anyone wondering how Jaymun is doing right now since he's the sole reason you check the website. He's doing FANTASTIC, actually! From where he was a few short months ago to where he is now, we are so pleased with his health. His bone marrow aspiration (test) was done around day 100 after his transplant and it came back clear (no cancer). His appetite seems to have returned...he is eating on his own again and enjoying solids. Sadly, in the past, we've had to give him some very nasty tasting medicines. This has taught Jaymun that not everything that goes into his mouth tastes good and so he carefully inspects everything on his spoon first before he opens his mouth. I happen to think that shows great intelligence on his part...he is a cautious little boy, and rightly so! He still has weekly checkups at the clinic and all of his oral medicines have been weaned down to two now. This is a vast improvement over the nine that we came home with in January! He had been on two IV medicines given through a syringe pump that we hooked him up to in the afternoons, and those have been stopped as well. This gives us so much more freedom, as we don't have to use needles and syringes and mix doses anymore--and he's not attached to a machine every afternoon.

Jaymun just turned nine months old last week! He is busy exploring everything around him. No crawling to report yet--this may be due to a slight delay from the transplant or it just may be Jaymun setting his own pace. He still has a central line in his chest and it is very uncomfortable for him to lay on his stomach since the tubes press into him. He loves to stand by furniture and walks around the house holding on to his daddy's hands, so we know that he is certainly ambitious in trying out new things. His two favorite times of day are when his brothers and sister get home from school and when his daddy comes home from work. There is no shortage of people around to play with and snuggle him, which I partly attribute to his amazing recovery from being so sick. He doesn't let us ever forget the gift of enjoying life.

His first public debut was going to church on Easter morning. It was a very meaningful day for us as a family for so many reasons. Mr. Jaymun received a standing ovation, which brought me to tears. All of your many faithful prayers helped bring about this miracle and it was such a sweet celebration to finally take him out in public.

People have emailed me wondering if they are still able to leave guestbook messages and the answer is Yes, definitely! If you have sent a message in the past weeks and it hadn't appeared, we apologize. We (and I mean Dave!) is going to stay more on top of that from now on. As of this posting, we should be up to date with both photos and guestbook messages.

Thank you for checking in so often. We'll talk again in May!