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Still Pluggin Along


Smiling, and grinning - but still can't keep food down.
Also just can't seem to get off oxygen - lungs congested or something...

And still needs diuretics to stimulate kidney's - or too much water stays on board...

Morphine started back up again - just to make sure that there isn't another reason he is throwing up...

I feel sorry for Jen - when she was home the kids were sick and vomiting.
Then I switched places and she had to deal with Jaymun going through morphine withdrawal.

Now I'm back at the hospital (Fri-Sat) and since Jaymun is back on a small dose of morphine he is sleeping well.
She got the raw end of the deal. (did I just say that? ...shhhh - my line is that Jaymun just senses Daddy and relaxes :)

Love ya Jen... you are a pretty awesome woman. Make that pretty, awesome woman. (punctuation matters :)