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Angels We Have Heard...


We got some smiles this morning from Jaymun! I was walking around holding him (as far as the umbilical cord of tubes and wires would let me) and singing. First he stopped sucking on his nuk - then he lazily let it drop half way out.
Then the grin started tweaking the side of his mouth. I chuckled and we got a full smile.

I dressed him in his red fuzzy pajamas (mommy prepared) with little Christmas teddy bears. It would be a lovely picture with him sleeping on his back - arms lazily sprawled wide and nuk drawling off the edge of his lips
(sorry - no camera today - it's at home taking pictures of the other kids receiving their Christmas gifts).

Living in this small 20' by 20' scene are some pretty powerful emotions. I am not sure how to articulate the mixture of awe, happiness, love, thankfulness, amazement, and admiration washing over me.

I am laughing and crying at the same time. The convergence of divine truth and life experience is too humbling and inspiring to otherwise express. I have never felt simultaneously so weak and so safe.
We walked through the "valley of the shadow of death", together we did, and the Lord was with us.
I could shout for sheer joy! "This poor man cried - and the Lord heard…"

You know, we spend all our days trying to maintain life. Appearances, culture, finances, health, relationships…
It takes something like this to dramatically expose that our own abilities are inadequate of true success. I feel sorry for those people who are content with what they are able to achieve on their own. I think they miss the real point of life.

What would this world be like if our only hope was self-made accomplishment - incremental, aborted, and ultimately forgotten after our short lives have passed?

If there was no compassion? No help? No mercy? No forgiveness? No healing? No deliverance?

What hope would Jaymun have had if the Saviour had never been with mankind? There would be no genuine sympathy, no effective assistance. As we watched Jaymun on 100% oxygen but still gasping and turning purple we would have been filled with loneliness, fear, dread, and uncertainty. Our prayers would be hopeless superstitious ritual. They would at best be frightened pleas for favor from an ambiguous or angry God.

Instead, our prayers are a living dialog based on the promises and invitation of One who backed up His Word with actions. Who knew our desperate plight, and came here to execute eternal rescue, to put us on firm footing. He put His own Name on the line to give us a certain hope that far trancends the healing of our physical bodies.

For millennia leading up to Christ's birth, God's children enjoyed treasures of mercy and love with a forward eye to God's promise. In those early days, the gifts of forgiveness, love, and peace were cultivated by divine guarantees of deliverance to come. Now these gifts blossom, fed by the irresistible grace of the One who came to offer
His life for our peace.

Last week as Jaymun lay in intensive care, the tender hand of God was displayed in the
doctors, nurses, care partners, blood-bank, research team, pharmaceutical department, etc.

This entire hospital with its lovely gift of mercy exists because He came!
"Let the children come to me - for of such are the kingdom of God"

Here in room 5505 lies a little boy who's dad received an astounding and humbling glimpse
past the gifts - to the Giver of gifts - to the heavenly angels perspective the night Jesus was born.

And reaching back two thousand years, I lend my small voice to their trimphant refrain.

"Glory to God on the highest, peace on earth, Goodwill toward men"