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12-21-2006 (late evening)

Shhhh... Hear that music? Christmas carols playing softly in Jaymun's room. Don't wake Jaymun up - he's sleeping.

"Silent night..."

The breathing tube, drain, and catheter have all been removed. His liver stats are almost all returned to normal. They are weaning him from the oxygen flow. He is nearly free of sedatives.

"all is calm..."

Last night, it seemed like he enjoyed slurping the green tea. Today we may return to bottle feeding.

When he wakes up from time to time I can see his curious little eyes darting around trying to figure out what has been going on. I'm waiting for that grin to pop out any moment.

"all is bright..."

By Saturday we hope to be leaving the Intensive Care Unit - and making our way back upstairs. Little does he know what battles were fought here and how the song almost faded. It seemed for a time like pain and sorrow would muddle the harmony.

But thankfully we are not the conductor. This is merely the echo of a far grander composition.
Yes, the finale was written by Another, so the music will follow us.

"Christ the Saviour is born..."