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Quick - pray about his breathing

12-16-2006 1:00 AM

The room is full of doctors because for hours his oxygen has been going lower and lower...

2:52 AM - whew - that was very scary. He "dropped his stats" and turned purple.
So they intubated him - and now he is fully sedated. The machine is breathing for him. His left lung is full of fluids.

Liver enzymes still need to come down faster
- good news is he is more out than in (fluids) the last 24 hours.

His poor tummy is still huge but we think a little bit softer.

They're putting a foley up him so his pee goes in a bag.

I'll write this out proper in the morning once I get some sleep.

12-16-2006 - 7:38 PM - still no time for a proper post but...

-his left lung is clearing up - X-ray shows 3/4 clear
-they put a drain in his tummy and drained of 500cc of fluid - much better
-heart rate came down (good)
-oxygen is steady and stable
-they are stopping the diuretics - hopefully his kidneys can keep up
-he got the green tea (Jaymun's first Starbucks even though it went in through a tube!)

So we are waiting on fluid output, liver function, and weaning him off the ventilator.