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Liver Problems


The good news is even though Jaymun's belly is swelling still, over night his heart rate came down, his breathing cleared up some, he needs less oxygen now, and his temperature is remaining normal.

Jennifer and I both have been staying here at the hospital taking turns with Jaymun. We were happy to hear that his white blood count is rising faster than they could have predicted - he is engrafting already.

However, his pain is still increasing. His tummy is very bloated in all directions. They will probably increase his morphine to deal with that. The doctors would prefer NOT to intubate or "tap his belly" to drain fluids, because that increases the risk of infection (since he has no immune system). So we will just put up with watching our little baby suffer - because the real problem is something bigger.

His Liver.

Jaymun has CMV hepatitis and his liver is failing. They say that unless they can reverse what is happening to his liver he will not survive.

So I guess you know how to pray today.