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Holding Daddy's Hand


This Dave again. Not to worry, I am not trying to take over Jennifer's journal :)
It's just that she is down in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with Jaymun right now (I am upstairs in the HOT unit room) - and I thought you might all like to know how Jaymun is doing.

Well... I would love to say he is perking up, but his stomach is steadily swelling up. The VOD diagnosis is still pending, but it is confirmed that he has both VRE AND CMV. So they started back up the ganciclovir for the CMV (even though that is hurts the blood counts) and they are giving him platets, plasma, and some sort of CMV antibody cells - immunoglobulin or something like that.

He is having a hard time breathing - and they are talking about putting in a tube before it becomes an emergency. They are going to put a foley catheter up into his bladder to measure internal pressure, and then will probably put a surgical vent in his abdomen to relieve fluids. Plus his skin seems to be getting a bit jaundiced due to high billirubin levels.

The only good news is there is no fever. When he wakes up between morphine doses he likes to hold my hand - otherwise he does this horrible hoarse crying.

Forgive me for not being upbeat - I know that somewhere once I get the right amount of sleep and Jaymun feels better I will have some perspective...

...for now, YOU all have to do the praying. We had almost TWO THOUSAND hits on our web site the past day. If you all just prayed twice per day that is a prayer a minute for Jaymun. Prayers for his breathing, for his liver, for his blood, for him to feel comforted, for angels to guide the doctors and nurses, for this hospital to be a place of light and happiness, etc. And for Jesus to let loose His power into this place and amaze us all.

I know that God is reliable - even when I am tired out and an ultimately helpless father, He is still there. I sit by Jaymun's side holding his hand and that seems to comfort him - and he can even fall asleep in the middle of all his pain.

Little does he know that I am more afraid than he is, and tonight I need the Faithful Father to hold MY hand here in this hospital. And to stay with us, until this trouble is gone.

That reminds me of an old favorite hymn of mine "Till the storm passes over..."