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Jaymun had his third day of radiation today...the nights and early morning hours are a bit difficult as he is deprived from his favorite activity, which is eating. I use a combination of apple juice and Pedialyte for his last 3 hour-before-sedation clear liquid feeding...he likes the taste of it better than straight Pedialyte, so he drinks a bit more. Still, I hate having to wake up a sleeping baby to get the one last liquid feeding into him.

As annoyed as he is with us for making him wait to eat until he wakes up from radiation, he sure can smile! Dr. Firat, the radiation oncologist, told me this morning that Jaymun is their "star patient" right now. I did manage to take some photos yesterday that might interest people who are wondering what radiation involves. I'll try to write about his procedure in a few days, for those that are curious.

When Jaymun's oncologist visited us today, I asked her the names of his two bacterial infections. One is called staph COAG negative and the other is enterobacter. He has to remain on three different antibiotics so the effects of them will sufficiently cover both infections. It's rare for someone to have two separate infections in their central lines (which is where Jaymun receives his IV meds and chemo and where they draw the blood cultures from), but apparently it does happen sometimes.

No white counts to report yet... he received a blood transfusion today because his red count was too low. We are told he might need to stay here during the entire fourteen days of antibiotics so they can keep a close watch on him. Originally we were supposed to just be coming back and forth from home to hospital for radiation, but now he'll be inpatient the whole time.