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Jaymun is doing much better than when we brought him in Sunday night. He's still on three antibiotics until they narrow down exactly which infection started this whole thing. No blood counts yet, so I heard through the grapevine that he probably won't be sent home for awhile until they see some promise of counts going back up.

He also had his first day of radiation this morning. It wasn't a stellar night of sleeping for either one of us. When I finally did get him back to sleep, we (the nurse and I) had to wake him at 4 AM so that I could feed him the last bottle before his no-fluids-for-six-hours order. He was not happy for quite a few hours. He's getting extremely heavy to carry--he's hovering around eighteen pounds now, so it makes for an exhausting day to try to comfort a hungry Jaymun!

By the time we got him through the halls to Froedtert Hospital for radiation, he was turning on the charm, as usual. He has a very happy personality and smiles quite readily for most people. The radiation team fell in love with him already, from what they tell me! Radiation went alright. I'm so thankful he only has to go through localized radiation on his face. There are so many days that just overwhelm me when I see all the things Jaymun has to go through. We were able to go back into the room as the anesthesiologists put him to sleep--he was such a trooper, just smiling up at everyone.

Thank you for all the messages we've received so far in the guestbook ...it's so encouraging to read through them. (We do read every one, just so you know!) We appreciate all the love and support that comes through your words to us.

We have nine more days of radiation and hopefully a small break for Thanksgiving. They plan on starting the conditioning chemo for the transplant the last week of November and the actual day of transplant is somewhere around December 7th or 8th.

Continue to lift our family up in prayer...we need all of you more than you know.