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We came back home Tuesday night. This is the shortest stay Jaymun has had yet in the hospital. He finished his third round of chemo up on Sunday. Instead of the doctors keeping an eye on him for weeks afterwards, it's up to us now at home. He's been throwing up quite a lot and isn't very interested in eating much. At night, I hook him up to a portable IV machine that gives him extra fluids until morning. We go back down tomorrow morning for an eye exam, lab draw and checkup and possibly a blood transfusion if his blood counts are low. The doctors have told us it is highly possible he will get a fever, which means we go back for readmission to the hospital.

All of this is leading up to next Wednesday, which is the first day of his ten-day radiation schedule. Those bruises keep reappearing and we can see that the oncologists are greatly concerned that the previous chemo rounds didn't take care of them. His radiation starts very early in the morning and he has to be completely put out again. No eating for six hours beforehand, so pray for us--it's no fun trying to keep Jaymun comforted when he's hungry.

We are told that he will start the bone marrow chemo the week after Thanksgiving ...no set date on when the actual transplant will take place, but it will be sometime in early December. So, our Jaymun will be very, very sick over the holidays and for months afterwards from what we have gathered. All of this means that Devon will be on deck soon for his important part of this whole treatment. Watch for future entries--I have some ways that people can help "celebrate" Devon's special gift to his baby brother.

We are so sorry that we can't entertain visitors when we're at home, but Jaymun's blood counts have to "bottom out" and that means he has virtually no immune system to combat any germs. We hope everyone understands that as much as we would love to show off this sweet boy, it's in his best interest to have as little contact with people as possible. Hopefully, you can keep up with him via this website. And speaking of which,

Please sign the guestbook! We read your messages and it really keeps us encouraged to know that people are thinking of us. Dave knows how many times I wonder whether all the effort we put into keeping this website going is really worth it. If there really are only 10-15 people reading our website, I'm thinking I could focus any extra time we have on other things, like sleeping. :) You don't even have to leave a message, just your name and where you're from. It interests me to see how far Jaymun's story has traveled. Thanks for checking in!