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Jaymun is back in the hospital. We took him back down for a checkup on Tuesday since his counts weren't high enough to start chemo again, but his bruises on his face had come back. The doctor was concerned enough to tell us she highly advised starting the chemo that same day. We had to go through the whole "hours of no eating" thing right there in the clinic. He had another spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration-the procedures went fine, but he was wiggling quite a bit afterwards. They inject chemo into his spinal fluid, so he has to be lying down with his feet elevated so the chemo can run down along the length of his spine for at least half an hour afterwards. Try telling a baby to lay still!

We were so totally unprepared to be readmitted that very day--we had no clothes packed and I'd used the little money we'd brought along to buy lunch. Dave stayed with Jaymun after his procedures and I drove home with Sean to get busy packing. It was the first night since he'd been born that I was away from him. I drove back in the morning with the kids and we switched places. It's always such a whirlwind of tests, procedures, packing, coordinating schedules, etc. This hospital admission just caught us off guard completely. Dave had to wait down in the clinic until they had a room ready upstairs in the HOT unit for them to move into. I was thankful I had at least packed some pajamas for Jaymun in the diaper bag. I know he could wear hospital gowns, but I like to dress him in cute baby clothes so things feel a little more normal for him and us. (Nothing says "sick" like having to wear an outfit that exposes your entire backside!)

Jaymun's oncologists told us since he's starting chemo too soon, there is a danger that his blood counts may not go back up after this round. He's getting five days of chemo, but it's a different intensity this time. If his counts don't go back up, he'll go right into the bone marrow transplant. They are pretty worried about those bruises..the first two rounds should have killed off those cancer cells by now. We are so concerned for him--the worry never leaves us.

This morning Jaymun had to have an MRI. The word "radiation" is being tossed about now (if this round does not eliminate the last two spots) and that scares us even more. There is no greater burden than being worried about your child's health. All other problems fade away and this cancer overshadows everything. Jaymun had to be completely put out because the MRI requires the patient to lie perfectly still. Dave and I had traded places again last night (Thursday) and he told me Jaymun was smiling away at everyone before being sedated, even though he wasn't able to eat since 4 AM. This baby of ours never ceases to amaze me. He can dole out smiles even when his very life consists of constant struggles.

Please, please pray. Jaymun gives us joy and laughter and especially a fervent hope that we'll have many more tomorrows of loving this baby. Pray that those stubborn bruises go away and that the doctors are able to figure out the very best plan of treatment for him.

Pray, and pray hard.