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Random Acts of Kindness


I hope by now that people are realizing their actions do matter. When something tragic or sad happens to a family or individual, it can mean the world to them to know that people care. If I had to send out thank you's for every single kindness extended our way, I'd have carpal tunnel.  Just know that we are in such deep appreciation to you--and we strongly believe that God will reward you for it someday. I hope our circumstances make you want to just keep on looking out for others out there who may be hurting--whether it's a neighbor or relative or friend or even a complete stranger. You've proven yourselves to be compassionate people and we thank you for taking time out of your own busy lives to make ours a bit easier.

I wanted to point out one example of such thoughtfulness that still warms my heart every time I think about it. Dave's niece, Autumn, had her birthday this summer. With her invitation, she enclosed a message stating that she did not want presents from anyone. Instead, she asked for donations of money to purchase gas cards for Dave so he could travel to visit Jaymun. This sweet girl collected over $300 to give to Dave-money that she could have rightfully spent on herself for her birthday! I'm not sure exactly how old Autumn turned (12? 13? Sorry, Autumn, I should know this!) , but I can't believe how mature and thoughtful she was to think of someone else on her own birthday! We love you, Autumn! Thank you so much for the gift. I hope your birthday was the best one ever, because you truly deserve it.

-For all those who have made meals for our family, we thank you...it's a huge blessing to Dave when he doesn't have to worry about preparing dinner at the end of a long day. Our children are thrilled to taste test your recipes!

-To Melodee U., who volunteered to coordinate the meal schedule and has watched our children countless times, we thank you...you didn't have to take it upon yourself, but you did. There's no words to say how much we appreciate you doing this for us!

-For anyone who has given Dave gift cards for gas, we thank you...it makes driving back and forth not quite as expensive!

-To Jenna H., Jaymun loves his little monkey.

-To the KDS employees, a million thanks...I know you've all had to adjust things around Dave's absences from work. I appreciate the fact that you keep things running smoothly for him so he can take care of our children. And Bob-congratulations to you and Kelly--I bet Maxwell and Mason are adorable!

-To St. John Lutheran School, we thank you...you make us so very glad that we send our children to your school. We never have to worry about them getting a wonderful education because we know you show them God's love everyday.

-To All Those Who Have Sent a Card, we thank you...do you know how much such a simple gesture can really uplift a person's day?

-To Sharon the Bank Teller, we thank you...I can't believe you laugh at Dave's jokes, but thanks for the bread!

-To Annabelle D.L, we thank you...that anniversary cake was such a sweet thing to do. Thank you so much for thinking of us! And by the way, yum!

P.S. Jaymun is feeling much better today. His fever went away and his food is staying down. He's pretty wiped out from the last three days, so pray that he gets his energy back again. There are still many weeks ahead where we need to watch for infections to crop up due to his low blood count and weakened immune system.