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There's No Place Like Home...


Dave and I had taken Jaymun back down to Children's yesterday, fully planning on being readmitted for another round of chemo. Jaymun's worst scenario was repeated again-before procedures there is no eating (or in his case drinking) for at least six hours. He was pretty miserable again while we waited for them to get his lab results back on his bloodwork first. They had already anticipated doing the spinal tap on him by numbing his back while we waited for the results. Dave paced and rocked and paced and rocked, trying to take his frantic little mind off of his hunger. I am of absolutely no help in these non-feeding situations...if I try to hold the little guy, he goes beserk, trying to arch his back and nurse. I'm sure he's wondering why in the world I don't feed him.

They came back in and announced his blood counts weren't high enough to start the next round of chemo and therefore he wouldn't need to have the spinal tap yet either. I am not a big fan of unnecessary misery when it comes to my baby. However, the really great news was that they were going to wait another week to start chemo-which meant we could go home!! As poor Jaymun started gulping down his loooong overdue meal, I got to absorb the fact that I actually get another unexpected week of family time. We're going to take what blessings we can, in whatever form they come.

When I called home to tell the kids that their baby brother got to come home for another week, they were overjoyed. This is a huge highlight for them, to be able to squeeze in some more snuggle time with the baby. Devon is especially excited, since his birthday is tomorrow and he will be able to celebrate his 7th year of life with everyone gathered in one spot!

When we picked up Sean from our friend Maggie's house (who by the way is an angel in disguise-she took care of him for the day on very short notice!), she had also prepared two meals for us to take home. I don't know about you, but being able to spend another week at home and not having to worry about cooking supper is about as nice of a day as we could have asked for!