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13 Oct '13
Just wanted the Kaat family to know that you have all been on my mind today. I hope everyone is doing well and that you are doing something today that reminds you that jaymun's story makes an impact on so many. Every single season we do team in training I am reminded of his sweet face and loving spirit & we continue to share it. I know he is up in heaven looking down on everyone and blowing sweet kisses to everyone.
Love, Jill Holstein

07 Aug '13
I stumbled onto your site about Jaymunn, while trying to learn more about AML. My friend was diagnosed a couple years ago and she's pregnant and its come back. I'm very sad reading all that you guys went through as parents. I'm very sorry for your loss
Kara P.

28 Aug '12
My baby was born with blueburry muffin skin and then tested positive for congenital aml he has had chemo with complication at time. Went to intensive care came throw this is now 15 months old still needs ng tube but is doing really well at the moment hope this continues my heartaches for u and you story also made me scared of what we may have to come but I pray for my son s health. Lots of love to you

11 July '12
I would like to tell you that this journal is so inspiring, Never in my mind I could have the strength to share with all of us your journey of such an angel of God. I am a mother of three and in every single day you wrote the situation your baby was, my heart would feel your pain, Jaymun's smile never showed any pain at all. I can not stop crying, I feel that God sent Jaymun to change the lives of everyone who reads your story and knows what happened. He was sent to your family and you were blessed with him. I am deeply sorry for your loss even though God gained much more with his angel now in heaven. Rest in peace little angel of God, rest in peace Jaymun!
Lili V.

08 May '12
Dear Kaat Family,
Jaymun popped into my head today. I stopped by your site to see how things are going. You are all still in my thoughts.

11 Apr '12
I have read Jaymun's blog from the beginning and I just recently happened upon it tonight. I hope you guys are doing well and please know that I still pray for you!

30 Nov '11
I wanted to thank you and your family for posting your story and amazing pictures to share with the world. My grandmother has Leukemia, and after 12 years as a medic I found myself in nursing school. While researching case studies for a group presentation in my Pediatric's rotation on Leukemia I found Jaymun's journey. What an amazing child. I don't have anything to say other than your family is amazing for not only the struggles and battles you've fought through, but the strength it must have taken to put it out for the entire world to see. Thank you, thank you. You're truly inspirational.
Amber R.

27 Aug '11
I found your blog a while back when my son was still being treated for AML. My son was diagnosed in Nov 2009 with MDS/AML. He had 2 induction rounds of chemo and 3 consolidation rounds as well as an NK cell infusion. He is in remission and out of treatment. His first BMB was on his second birthday. He was not expected to respond to treatment and his initial odds were about 15%. He was treated at St Jude. He was classified as intermediate risk because the genetics of his AML showed a t9;11. However he had substantial fibrosis and the morphology of his leukemia was M7. When we left we were given 60% odds but because of his presentation I am not confident his odds are that good.
His diet is terrible and he considers cheese hotdogs his favorite food. Does your foundation freely give info about how I can change his diet to prevent relapse? Do you freely help people design a plan to prevent relapse including herbs and vitamin supplements?

Thank you,
Tammy B

13 Jun '11
Thought about your family and prayed you are all still well. Many blessings to you all!
Shannon H.

17 Dec '10
Dear Kaat family,
Reading the struggle and the tragedy that you all went through, really touched my emotions and my thoughts are with all of you! I am a PhD student, performing research on relapsed AML and for what it is worth, I would like to let you know that the story of Jaymun contributes very much to my motivation to be in this work.
With deep respect, best wishes and strength to you all,

27 Oct '10
Just thought Iíd share that I am joining my daughterís kindergarten class from Oostburg Christian School on Friday nov 5th to do service work at Project Angel Hugs. What a blessing the work they are doing. Will be thinking of your angel that day as always...
God bless

11 Oct '10
Will be thinking and praying for your family this week as a year passes by since jaymun went home to our father.
ďMy soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.Ē- Psalm 62:1

07 Sep '10
Just the past few weeks, I 've thought of your family. Just thinking of Jaymun's smile. Thanks for the photos and sharing your family with the world.
With respect,Phoebe

31 Aug '10
I just want you all to know that I still pop in to look at the blog to see if you've posted any updates -- I think of you and your family often and still have my picture of Jaymun on the fridge and his card from the funeral taped in the front in my Bible next to my son's handprint cutout. It is a reminder to me of how precious our time is together.
October is around the corner and, without making a bit to do, I want you to know that Jaymun has been on my mind quite a bit. The year has flown by for me, but I often wonder how you're doing. How are you? All these months I've prayed that you would feel God's presence in your life, and that you would begin healing and moving forward.
I don't require a response -- just know I'm out here and I'm praying. Still. And I think of your little guy all the time.
Love, Heather Beyer

10 Aug '10
Hello Jaymun's family!
As we start to see the first little signs of spring here in New Zealand (magnolias, daffodils, fresias and lots of new born lambs in the paddocks) I often think of you all and wonder how you are getting on. Spring = new life and hope, and I sincerely hope that Jaymun is loving his new pain and sickness free life and that you as a family have managed to find a little hope for the future in your hearts.
Take care of yourselves.M Armstrong

10 Aug '10
I just found your website looking up resources for a friend whose 7 year old son has aml and has not responded to induction therapy. Just wanted to say that Jaymunís story touched me and your faith is inspiring and a stranger a far way off will say a prayer for Jaymun and all your family today.
Regards, Liz Phelan

18 June '10
Hello Jennifer, Dave and Jaymun's family,

I am so sorry to hear of Jaymun's loss, and my heart and prayers go out to your family. But I am also so glad to find the web site. I am doing the research into supplements that you did and have come up with some of the same ideas and solutions. I will be able to put your additional ideas to good use too. So maybe you can help another person with cancer. Thank you for giving this information to all of us out there.

I am the mom of a now 29-year-old son who is fighting refractory Lymphoma. His was supposed to be curable, but we are in the unlucky 7%. He was initially in stage IV-B, really bad news, and has had 3 really quick relapses--even worse news. Actually, they don't believe he has ever truly been in remission for more than two months. He has battled this for three years now. He is doing chemo drugs #13 and 14 now. We decided against the allogeneic stem cell transplant after the first transplant failed, because I was 100% sure that he would not survive, considering how little time he has had between relapses, how resistant his cancer is, how worn out he was, and the fact that he had the negative prognosticators for SCT failure. Now we are balancing and juggling chemotherapy interventions with nutrition. At first he wouldn't consider the nutritional supplements because the doctors told him not to. After the third relapse, he said, "I'll try anything you suggest, Mom." So I am researching each supplement very carefully so that I don't suggest anything that will be harmful or work against his treatment. I also made a list of what the doctors are failing to cover in treatment--like rebuilding the immune system after they destroy it--and your ideas will help me expand that. I am going to check out each of your links and treatments.

Thank you again for posting this website. Besides the scientific and nutritional information, you are an inspiration of hope and courage. Although I pray a lot for comfort and guidance, but I also at times feel very alone in this battle. I will try to go forward with the courage you have shown.

Much love to you and your family.

B. C.

10 June '10
Hi Kaat Family,
I just wanted to say hi and to thank Mrs. Kaat and Kirsten for coming to Lydia's funeral wake this weekend. We really appreciate your love and support :) Hopefully we can get together sometime this summer.
God bless, Veronica F

11 May '10
Still thinking of you all and checking in. Tonight at dinner after we finished praying my 4yr old asked if I thought jaymun sprinkled some stars out in the sky for us to see. Yes I do :) The Raih's

11 May '10
I still frequently think of sweet Jaymun and your family so I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that your wonderful boy is still in the minds of those who got to know him via this website. Love and strength to you all, Kathryn

11 May '10
Kaat family, Thank you so much for sharing your family and Jaymun with us. Your family is an inspiration to so many. I still think and pray for you all often, I know there are times when only God knows your true feelings and He will always pull you through. Dave, your unending devotion to looking for natural cures for Jaymun was incredible, you gave him more than any doctor could medically do. Don't ever think you didn't do enough nor second guess your decisions. I know God has his hand on your family now and always! Barb Anderson (Isaac's grandma)

30 Apr '10
Sent up a prayer for your family today. I still check back on your blog, it's in my favorites list. Something about your story, your family, the agony and ecstasy of it all- it's very compelling. You all were so loving, and patient, and tried so amazingly hard to be the best- I know the LORD must be so well pleased. I hope you are doing better. The grief, it takes a long slow time. I lost my husband after only 6 years of marriage and we had a 3 and 5 yr old. We all cried every night for a year. I found Jesus is enough. We blessed aren't we to have heaven just over there. Karen

15 Apr '10
I remembered your family on Tuesday... you were in all my thoughts and prayers. I thought of your precious little Jaymun and prayed that he was playing in heaven with Isaiah and all their little friends. I know that they are all happy and enjoy every moment that they spend there in heaven even though we are not there... but we are with them in their hearts just like they are in ours every moment of every day.
I hope that you had a "nice" day full of memories and love with your family. It is hard ... I know that ...but we still keep walking our path till it is our turn to be with them.
I just wanted you to know that we are all here and think about Jaymun all the time along with your wonderful family!
Love you guys!! Becky

26 Mar '10
While I was working out today, Jaymun popped into my head. I dont' know why. But, I thought of your entire family and sincerely hope you are all doing ok. Wendee Whittaker Bartness, MPT, BHS, BS

22 Mar '10
Today I am praying for & remembering your family & how you've helped so many others on World Water Day. I'd love to hear how things are going with Jaymun's Fresh Water Well project?
Thank you for maintaining Jaymun's Journey site, it's uplifting to hear how he has touched lives and how the rest of the family is coping. I hope that whatever projects you are working on will be successful. I am still very excited by all that you learned with your healing herb mixtures and the anecdotal data you collected. I have great faith that Jaymun's story will help many, many people.
Peace, T.

20 Mar '10
Hi Kaat Family, I've only written on your website once before, but I just want you to know that I still check it religiously. While I've never lost someone close to me, I can imagine that after a few months, half a year, etc., people might forget about the tragedy, but in some way or another, you are still reminded of it everyday. I would imagine that it would feel lonesome, and maybe frustrating in wondering how people can move on so quickly. I'm sure I'm far from the only one, since Jaymun had a positive affect on so many lives, but I still think about him everyday. You guys will always be in my thoughts and prayers, regardless of the period of time that passes. This is how amazing Jaymun was; I live in California, I've never met him, yet he reminds me everyday to live my life to the fullest, and love my family unconditionally. I hope that you are all doing well, and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Jordan Paige (18, CA)

04 Mar '10
Thank you so much for the posts in Jaymun's journal. I have a 3 1/2 yr old boy and I have followed Jaymun's journey for almost that long. The stories from friends, doctors, nurses and his brother are heartwarming and bring tears to my eyes. What a wonderful family he was blessed with and all of you were blessed with a wonderful little boy, if only for a short while. I pray for God to comfort all of you and keep you close to his heart. God Bless Pam in VA

09 Feb '10
Wow, how blessed was your family to have such an amazing nurse like Andy. Thank goodness for people like Andy who believe there work is more than a job. And just think, he probably has this kind of heart for all his patients. Truly blessed. Jennifer

09 Feb '10
I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for your family today. I hadn't stopped by your blog in a long, long time. I'm sorry that Jaymun passed away. However, I rejoice that he is now with his Father. I'll continue to pray for you all. In Him, Lizz W.

08 Feb '10
I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my wife, myself and my two boys have been praying for you every night since we heard of your story a few years ago. We continue to pray for you that God would bless you and comfort you. Blessings upon you. Gerald, Gretchen, Grant, Grady and Gillian Stanley

03 Feb '10
Just want you to know I've been checking in and thought Jaymun's love letter was so very sweet. I miss your updates, but understand you're probably busy. Just know, I think of you often and hope you and your family are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Heather Beyer

28 Jan '10
Dear Kaat Family: I just wanted to drop by and let you know that all of you are in my continued prayers as you try to continue life without your little Jaymun. I have his photo on the side of our kitchen cabinet and see him daily. It is also on a bulletin board here at work. He is never far from my mind and is thought about with continued love by all who were touched by his gentle soul. I know how extremely difficult this must be for all of you so Iím sending this hug and continued prayers your way. God bless you all. Dana Dahm

14 Jan '10
Dear Dave and Jennifer - I still visit your site, I think it safe to say that we all feel a strong bond and connection with all of the Kaat family members. I believe there is an ongoing plan God has for you to share and teach those of us who still stop in - messages of faith, family, and HOPE. God bless you... Peggy

14 Jan '10
You have such wonderful memories. That is a great gift. You have a gift of relaying your feelings to people who don't even know you, yet have taken your family into our homes and our hearts. There you will remain forever until we meet our Savior face to face, and until Jaymun runs up to greet you! Please know that you are prayed for constantly and without ceasing. But for now he is resting peacefully awaiting the big Elmo/Jingle Bell Belt/Winter Boots playground in Heaven. We will surely know when he arrives between the bell ringing and the clomp clomp of his boots! And what a site it will be! All of us who did not have the opportunity to know him on this earth will hear him and pause just to catch a glimpse of that smile that we have seen and heard so much of... We love you guys!! Julie Janikowski

14 Jan '10
I know there are times when it feels like the world has moved on and you are left alone in your pain. Please know there are lots of us out here who think of your family many times, every single day. Life moves on, but the memory of your son and your family is always with us. Becca Piper Forever Mom to Joe, ^^Michael^^ and very soon Selena and Larry

02 Jan '10
Dear Jennifer & Dave
At 2.06 am, all the way around the world here in Melbourne, Australia, you need to know that I find such pleasure in hearing your memories and looking at your photo's, of your beautiful boy Jaymun, playing so happily with his siblings.
For the remainder of my life I will never pass another Elmo toy, mug or t-shirt again without thinking about him and saying a little prayer for you!
If I am ever lucky enough to make it to heaven I will be chasing him down just to get one of those breathtaking smiles :)
For as long as you can, keep blogging. So many people you don't know, including me, shared the highs, the lows, and the overwhelming sadness when we heard the angels had finally come for Jaymun.
It sounds silly me saying this to you that I feel such a terrible loss for a child that I did not know, but tonight has provided some healing for my heart.
To see such beautiful memories of him. He was so happy, and that is all because of you and the incredible love your whole family gave him, those photo's show it on every small dimple and crease on his face! How blessed was Jaymun to have had you for his journey, many people would live a lifetime without that sort of love and you managed to put it all into so many short years, for him to carry with him. You are extraordinary people.
Warmest wishes Alison D

1 Jan '10
We wish you a wonderful 2010. May God bless you and offer you a year of restoration and healing. Once again, our thoughts are with you during this holiday season. Love, The Beyers

25 Dec 09
Dave, Jen and Family, Wanted to say Merry Christmas. I know this has been very hard, but like the poem said, heís Celebrating Christmas with Jesus Christ in heaven. Betty

25 Dec 09
We're thinking of you so much today. Love, The Beyers

23 Dec 09
Dear Dave, Jennifer and Family, I am fighting tears as I write this. I have visited Jaymun's website for the first time today, but I have read all of you posts in one day. I started looking for ways to register as a bone marrow donor and that is how I came across your website. Jaymun's story inspired me in many ways. I not only realized how valuable and fragile life is, how it should be celebrated every day, how to be more patient with my kids and how much my kids need more of my attention, but also all the ways I can help those around me who are suffering. I now know how something as simple as a bone marrow transplant could save the life of a person, and that is definitely one of my goals for next year. I hope I can be useful to someone some day. I can't imagine how the Lord could take such a beautiful and happy baby away from us. I am sure he was very dear to the Lord and so He wanted to keep Jaymun close to him. I am very sorry for your loss, a loss that can never be replaced. I am a mother of two very young kids and I cannot imagine what you are going through as parents. But trust me, one day there will be peace ...there will be peace when you see your boy again, when you hold him in your arms and hug him. He is in a better place with our Father himself. I really appreciate all the information that you posted in your blog, it must have been really hard to post regularly for three years through the emotional roller coaster. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with your family. Jaymun will always be in our hearts. Regards, Swathi Nandury

22 Dec 09
Hi Jennifer and Dave. You don't really know me well (I know Jennifer from I Remember When) but I feel like I know you both and your family really well. I just wanted to send you a message of thanks for all of your inspirational posts. Dave you should truly consider being an inspirational writer you are so good at it. I grew up in a religious family (my dad is a Lutheran pastor) and most times it was extremely hard being in the spot light of the church but I had a great foundation for faith, helping others and what life should really be about. 6 years ago my husband and I had to deal with fertility issues and I will honestly say that my faith was tested. We are so blessed now with our 2 children, our daughter being just a few months older than Jaymun. When I first learned about Jaymun I immediately thought about what you as his parents must be going through. I came to Jaymun's site daily to read your updates and stories. I was continuously amazed by your continued devotion to god and how you always trusted he would guide you to the right path. I can not express enough how grateful I am too you for the strong faith you had and continue to have. It reminded me of what we should do in our lives everyday and that no matter what is thrown at us (even the most difficult thing as losing a child) we can make it through as long as we still believe he is guiding us. Once again thank you. Have a very Merry Christmas. We will be saying an extra special prayer for you and your family as you continue to cope with the loss of your beautiful baby boy. Laurie H.