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20 Dec 09
Dear Kaat Family:
Our Christmas angel this year appears to be someone you know. :) He is a beautiful little guy -- we love looking at the tree and seeing his sweet smile. Thank you for the card - he graced our refrigerator and special bulletin board since you sent it. I see from your guestbook that someone else has a Jaymun Angel on their tree as well. Isn't it amazing how special he is to so many of us you've never met?
Also, here is a picture of our little guy this Christmas -- he just turned three on December 5. Photo sessions seem to be a bit much for him. The best picture of the lot and he looks like he's picking his nose. Guess which picture we used for Christmas cards this year? :)
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God fill you with the peace and joy of the season. We continue to keep you in our prayers.
Love, The Beyer Family

15 Dec 09
Your daily devotions are extremely comforting. Thank you for sharing them with us. And it helps us to understand your grieving process. Sometimes it is difficult for outsiders to understand what you are going through day by day. The "Christmas Tree Angel" is just precious. I am going to put Jaymun on my tree as well... Just know that you are prayed for by many constantly, and that you are all in our hearts this beautiful Christmas season. Many of us cannot even slightly begin to understand what you and your family are going through. So through your daily thoughts we can all pray for your needs and for comfort and peace to you all as we celebrate the birth of our Lord... Julie Janikowski

08 Dec 09
I've fought with the words to write, as a loss like this is an impossible tragedy that will linger throughout your life, so ...so many things unsaid. My tears help in no way, but just know there are thousands of individual souls that are there for you & your family - WE ARE HERE. People you've never met, people you've never said a word to, people you will never meet, but that is of no matter or means because we are already here for you. Your love for your "little man" will never die or waiver; therefore, he will stand with you always - he is there for you. Please, please take care... Chad

06 Dec 09
Hi Kaat family
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me such a beautiful rememberance photo of your precious wee boy. I want you to know that this year he is officially our family's Christmas Angel, his photo is nestled into the topmost branches of our Christmas tree! I will personally never forget your amazing son, I can not help but shed more tears everytime I think of him and that incorrigible grin! Please know that my thoughts will be with you on Christmas Day, especially as I watch my own two children revelling in the excitement of Christmas. And know that our prayers on that day will be dedicated to you and your family.
With much love Maggie Armstrong

04 Dec 09
Dear Jennifer and Dave,
I think of you all often and you are still in my prayers. I hope that you will continue to stay strong through the difficult times and through the holiday period. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you, praying for you all, and wishing that I could do something to help ease your pain. Alastair.

04 Dec 09
Dear Dave and Jennifer and Family,
I feel like one who is intruding into a holy soliloquy. That which you experienced simply cannot be entered into by one who never quite experienced the same thing. Though we lost ten of our eighteen children, all before they were born, it is not the same. As familiarity grows, so grows love. It's that way with God too. It reminds me of our phone conversation the other day. Had God right away given Job the answers he seemed to be craving - to the why questions - it doesn't appear Job would have be able to handle them, at least not at the beginning. Instead of answering Job's questions, the Lord asked Job a series of questions designed to remind His forlorn child of His greatness, His incredible power, and yet His minute and tender care over creation and creatures great and small. God became the context, the only context, in which answers would make any sense. Once Job was again in awe of the Holy One, he was able to receive whatever that glorious Being designed for him. We don't know that God actually ever answered Job's questions. He did better. He gave Himself to him, and that seemed to be more than enough. I really do pray God has done and will continue to do the same for you.
With all our love,
David, Ruth, and Family

02 Dec 09 Speechless
I am sorry to say that I am one of those people who doesn't know what to say. When Jaymun died I sent an email and said I didn't know what to say but not saying anything didn't feel right either. So here I am again, saying I am still out here, trying to absorb all going on there, and I still don't know what to say, but I'm not saying nothing either.
   I hope that makes sense.
   Sometimes I lay awake at night penning a letter in my head to you all with wonderful things I think and feel about this little boy I have never met, but, cared for so deeply from your words and thoughts and care and love. I'll get it together one day. In the meantime I still check regularly and think of you all often. I can't speak to the god thing since I don't believe at all. I don't know if that's easier or harder in these times of horrendous loss.
I suppose it's not easier either way, there's still a loss to accept, no matter how you manage.
Much hope for comfort for you all. Kathryn

02 Dec 09
Hi Kaat Family,
I just want to tell you hello and let you know I've been thinking about you all. I hope your Thanksgiving was full of good food and quality time with family and friends. I know the holidays will be difficult, I wish there was something I could do to make them brighter and happier.
    You all are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers. I continue to check in on my family internet family.
Love, Heather Beyer

02 Dec 09
I'm smiling because...
I know you are going to be part of the cure when it happens!
Becca Piper

30 Nov 09
Hello Kaat Family,
    I, too, still check your website for updates. I can understand your grief and that sense of loss, that gaping hole that cannot be filled. I, too, have lost a child, and that is a pain that I would never wish on anyone. My wish for you, is the same as it was for me, it just took a while to put it into motion. You need to celebrate the life of Jaymun. You can never replace him, nor will anything else be able to fill that gap.
    But you can fill the emptiness with the celebrations of the rest of your family. The joy of childhood, the "fun" of teenagerhood, and the true feeling of a loving family.
    Remember, just when you think that God has given you the impossible task of getting through the day, remember that He has not forsaken you, He has not left you to grieve alone. God Himself, is right beside you, feeling the same pain and grief as you, but is carrying 10 times the burden for you so that you do not suffer alone.
    It does get better. I can attest to that. Chris

28 Nov 09
Dear Jennifer and Dave, I have never lost a child, so even though I try to understand your pain, I know it is nowhere near of actually experiencing it. As I pray for your family daily for God's strength, I have come across this Bible verse: And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28.
I pray for you and your family during this holiday season. God Bless, Sheri Kostic

28 Nov 09
Hello Dave and Jennifer,
I came across Jaymun's website the other day because of a research paper I am writing about Leukemia, but I find myself coming back each day to hope for something, anything. As I was reading through Jaymun's story I could only think, why would GOD allow this to happen to such a wonderful little boy and his loving family. Then I came across a post Dave wrote on October 16th 2009 that would answer:
     "I think our Father knew that even if Jaymun made it through this crisis there was more pain coming. I think our Father made a decision to protect Jaymun from that. As a father myself, that is a decision I can understand."
     This answered more than I could ever imagine. I will always keep your family and little Jaymun in my thoughts and prayers and hope one day, peace will be brought upon your suffering.
God Bless. Michele Orlando FL

24 Nov 09
Hi Dave and Jennifer,
I read your post today and it rings so true for me as well. I could not walk down a baby aisle in a store or even glance at it as I passed by for many months. You are still so fresh in this new reality...go gently on yourselves (something that is true and has been told to me so many times). I feel the same way both you and Jen feel...the emptiness of being home in silence, the draw of another little baby with that unbounding JOY they bring to us each and every moment, URG !!! So much intensity all mixed up Together. My husband even suggested doing Foster care (here is some good that can be done with those Giant Hearts of yours). I thought long and hard about it, even did some investigating, but for me; I could nto think about ANYONE coming after my Sally. She is one tough act to follow. So it is on that note (also we are getting older now, 3yrs. more to be exact) that we are complete as a family. For you it may be something else. You have so MUCH to give and already have, I hope you find what is that next thing. It WILL come to you when GOD says you are ready for it. Have a Very Blessed THANKSGIVING, Hugs, Janis

22 Nov 09
I've enjoyed rewatching these videos. I love how excited Jaymun got over Sponge Bob. Tristen, who will be 3 in a few short weeks, still loves his tunnel and playing just like Jaymun was playing in his tunnel.
     I know it must be bittersweet for you all to watch these videos, but I have to think that if I were you, I'd be so thankful to have them. How like God to create a way to revisit those beautiful moments once again.
     I think of you all often and we continue to pray for you all. I am so glad to know you're still updating the blog and that Jaymun's life continues to make such a huge impact on others.
Love and prayers,
Heather Beyer

20 Nov 09
Your living on earth children are so blessed to have you as parents, now. I want you to know I am asking the LORD that I know, the one who is never mistaken or surprised, to comfort you. Your faith encourages me. Karen

17 Nov 09
It might sound "corny" but we are glad to see you are enjoying life again! God bless your family! The Diethorn Family in California, PA

17 Nov 09
Dearest Jennifer - read your post today and your thoughts on wondering why so many of us still stop by the website to check in with all of you. Just had to drop you a note and tell you, I am not sure I do either! But I do. It calls to me. Jaymun and your family have a part of my nearly every day for 3 years.....hard habit to break I guess. I want so desperately to write you a paragraph for your memory book but just can not put it all into words. How can I say what a sweet little boy I never even met in person, did to my life? I guess I check in more to because it is important to me to know how you are all doing, and maybe because I just want to see his face again. I am not sure. I know it does prompt me to say a prayer for each of you, so maybe that is the reason. I also know that you and Dave, and Jaymun are not finished making a difference and maybe I check in to see what is next. Knowing in myheart that this little guy is not through making a difference on this earth..... Hugs Andi Fishlock Barto Pa

16 Nov 09
Seeing dear Jaymun's expression of pure joy at seeing Spongebob was the nicest way to begin my day. He continues to inspire me, he teaches me to be appreciative and joyful - what a loving happy child and inspiration he continues to be in our hearts. Kathleen E.