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17 Oct 09 - 4:52 PM
Kaat Family: I found out Tuesday morning, when I was headed out of town for a conference for work, that dear little Jaymun passed away. My heart instantly ached for all of you.
The pain of losing a child is so hard as you feel it is your job to protect them and I think anybody who has experienced it wonders what they could've done differently to prevent the outcome. Please don't let yourself struggle with this, you truly did everything within your power to help your precious little Jaymun, we all know there was a higher, much more wonderful power involved here and Jaymun is walking with Him right now.

The reason I mentioned leaving for my trip was that on my flight to San Antonio early afternoon on Tuesday I had the most gorgeous view from the seat in my plane with thoughts of Jaymun passing through me. The clouds on the flight down were some of the puffiest and remarkable I have ever seen and I couldn't help but think of that sweet little boy jumping in them up in heaven and how much he would be smiling. We have lost a child ourselves and both of our fathers are up in Heaven as well, and anytime I see these remarkable clouds I think of loved ones lost and know they are just fine. I attached some of the pictures I took from the airplane. Jaymun's view is probably even more remarkable than these.
With Deepest Sympathy, Dana Dahm

17 Oct 09 - 9:32 AM
Dear Kaat Family, You are in my thoughts and prayers. I follow the blog and feel for some reason I am following for a purpose. I don't normally read blogs etc.. especially of people I do not know. For the past few years your experience has made me appreciate my family and the little things in life that I feel we all take for granted. As a mother of two, I can not even begin to understand how you feel, but I am hoping you find comfort in the fact that you and Jaymun have helped many people along the way and through continued research I am hoping alternative medicine may help many more in the future. Your faith in God will bring you peace. Your entire family is in our prayers. Kelly Rochester, New York

16 Oct 09 - 8:00 PM
Dear Jaymun, You remind me so much of my angel son in Heaven named Christopher. It so hard for me to understand why beautiful you and he are up there and not here, but I know God has a plan and will take great care of you and Christopher till we come see you. Love and hugs to you beautiful boy Jaymun. Madelynn Kloppenburg

16 Oct 09 - 5:55 PM
Dave, Jennifer, and family,
I saw Jaymun's obituary in the paper today along with the link to read about his ordeal.
I must say that until today I knew nothing of your family or Jaymun.
For hours now I have read your story on-line.
I feel as though I know a small part of you through your willingness to share your struggles.
I cannot begin to understand the depth of your pain today.
My heart breaks as I look at my own children and hear their laughter. I cannot fathom losing one of them.
Your story is one of pain and deep sadness, but also one of victory.
Little Jaymun is with his Savior, Jesus, today.
As I type I am picturing the photo of him playing with Thomas the Train in peanut butter on the kitchen table.
Today he is covered in peanut butter as he laughs and runs his train through it.
His laughter will resound in the heavenly walls until you meet again.
There is nothing quite like the heart of a child to fill a room and a home with joy and laughter,
whether it be our earthly homes for a time or our heavenly homes forever.
Though I cannot understand it and I cannot share it, know how deeply I feel your pain.
The same Father who called Jaymun home will guard and protect your family in the days ahead.
He will see you through this... He will never leave you nor forsake you.
We as a community will all hold you up in prayer through these tough times ahead.
A sister in Christ,
Kristy (Kiel Alliance Church)

16 Oct 09 - 5:44 PM
Dear Kaat family, I am so sorry for your guys' loss. There really are no words. I'm thinking of you all often. God Bless. In keeping with your song idea, I thought I'd send one that I felt was fitting for you all. http://www.jango.com/music/Jeremy+Camp?l=0 Allison G.

16 Oct 09 - 4:30 PM
Dear Kaat Family: I've been following your blog for just a couple of months and am distraught that Jaymun is gone. It made me cry to read your blog of today. Please know (and I believe this) that you did everything right. That your last two paragraphs are correct. God has a bigger plan for us on earth and above. Kindest wishes as you go through this very painful time. Rae

16 Oct 09 - 3:00 PM
I cannot imagine the feelings that you must all be going through at the moment. Please take care and stay strong. God is there to guide us all. We are thinking of you, with prayers to the whole Kaat family at this time. Alastair, George, Ian, Alexandra and Isabel

16 Oct 09 - 2:51 PM
Dear the Kaat Family, My deepest sympathies to the entire family. I just read in The Sounder Jaymun's death notice and went to his website. What an amazing tribute. I cannot imagine having it together enough to make such a beautiful site when you are filled with such sorrow. Kudos to a great job! Jaymun and all of you have been a true inspiration to many. God's Blessings to all of you and hoping you find peace in knowing Jaymun is in a better place. Vicki

16 Oct 09 - 2:06 PM
Thank you, Jennifer and Dave, for letting us all into your lives. Thank you to Devon, Benjamin, Sean and Kirsten for sharing your brother with the world. Thank you for sharing him with us to see God's miracle. You, as a family unit, show so many people what it is to BE a unit, how to be strong parents, and most importantly to have faith in Him. I remember during my sisters battle with melanoma, she would call me up, more so concerned about Jaymun than her own situation at hand. We would discuss him and his strength. It gave her the strength to trust Him and keep pushing forward. Wonder if they've met up yet? Peace be with you all. Angie

16 Oct 09 - 12:33 PM Kerry
An angel was sent from heaven above,
A special one that would bring much love,
God knew that this precious life would be short
So he looked around for a tender heart.
   He made his choice and the gift was sent
In what seemed like a moment the angel went,
Leaving treasured memories, and a heart full of pain,
A void, an abyss, tears flowed like rain.
Wait just a moment, I wish you could see,
The wonderful thing that's happened to me.
Jesus was waiting, His arms opened wide,
And he and his angels bought me inside
Such a beautiful place that I cannot describe,
A new home for me from the moment I died.
   I'll wait here for you, so dry up your tears,
And go bravely on with your life free from fears.
Know that God's near you to help and to guide,
He'll never desert you, He's there by your side.
So speak to him daily from inside your heart,
And let him assure you, we're not really apart

16 Oct 09 - 10:00 AM Dear Family, Tears are falling in Hoyleton, IL today..Tears of sadness, that you are having to suffer through this. Tears of sadness for the loss of such a darling little boy.. Tears too, that he is in Heaven and he is wth the Angels singing, and he is with God no more pain, no more suffering. He was a treasure, a fighter, a survivor.. There are no words to express my sadness, nothing to be said to make this easier..Just know tears are falling in honor of your special son.. With love and respect, Lisa Meyer

16 Oct 09 - 9:49 AM Please be blessed. I have followed your blog for some time, and Jaymun's fight has made a difference in my life. Jaymun has made me a better mother; Now I cherish the little things with my 2 children and I thank God for their robust health every single day. Your family continues to be in my prayers. Melissa Onek

16 Oct 09 - 5:44 AM I have been reading your posts and my heart grieves at the news. I am sorry for your loss of Jaymun. He's a beautiful child and my heart goes out to you. I lift up my prayers to God and ask him to hold you all in His arms of Love and Peace. In HIs Love ...Kim N.

15 Oct 09 - 10:44 PM I received an e-mail today regarding Jaymun being sent to Heaven. I took care of him as his nurse when I floated to Center 8. Although only knowing him for a brief time he truly was a blessing to take care of. I distinctly remember he and Dad watching a show on tv - I think the animal channel. He was so intuned to seeing all he could about these animals, unlike most kids his age who are more intuned to the cartoon channels. The smile on his face was delightful as you could truly see how much he liked spending this time with his daddy. My heart goes out to your family and my thoughts and prayers will be with you during this difficult time. God Bless you all! Tina, RN (East 8)

15 Oct 09 - 8:24 PM Dave and Jennifer: I know you all are busy, but I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know I'm thinking of you and praying for you all. Jaymun has not been far from my mind and I've shed so many tears over your loss and, selfishly, for the loss of Jaymun in my own life. You will probably never know how much of an impact your little boy had on so many people you don't even know. Thank you for so generously sharing him with us. Keeping you in our prayers. Much Love. Trevor, Heather and Tristen Beyer

15 Oct 09 - 2:59 PM Dear Kaat family, St. John Lutheran Random Lake cares about Jaymun passing away. ALLWAYS REMEMBER you will see Jaymun soon and he's in Gods arms! Love, Alexis Schipper

15 Oct 09 - 1:48 PM Our prayers are with you during this very difficult time of your life. Sorry to hear about Jaymun. He definately was a fighter. Dave and Deb Walker Culligan of Grand Island

15 Oct 09 - 1:43 PM
Jennifer, Dave, and family,
I have been following Jaymun's journey ever since we lost my daughter Miyah days after Jaymun was born.
Pastor Sharon was with us when she was born and she shared with us what your family was going through.
My heart hurt for you. I remember Jaymun's dedication on Miyah's birthday.
I always thought the two of them had some sort of connection. I believe she was one of his angels.
Three years will never be long enough, but you all have your own angel now. Please find some comfort in knowing that.
Know my thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.
I can't help but think there are two happy three year olds playing in the clouds.
Miyah must be so pleased to have a friend there. Love, Amy Lehman

15 Oct 09 - 11:27 AM Please accept my sincere sympathy on the loss of your son. O lost my little boy on march 14th 2008, also to cancer. Jaymun is with Jack now and Jack will watch over him, I promise. Peace be with you, Hadley Fried

15 Oct 09 - 9:49 AM Dave, Thanks for sharing your life with us. You are a witness to Christ's love on the face of the earth. May He keep you near at this sorrowful time. Prayers. Dan Driessen

15 Oct 09 - 7:52 AM Dave & Jennifer Oh how my heart goes out to you and your family. We all know Jaymun is in a much better place now but how I so hoped and prayed that the Lord would do another miracle for you guys. Even though we have never met I feel I know you through Jaymun's Journey!! Your family is such a treasure and through your hardship I have come to love and appreciate my children more. May the love of Christ fill your hearts in the coming days and give you comfort and peace. In His name George & Nicky Libby Redford Michigan

15 Oct 09 - 5:49 AM Dave, Jennifer & family, Accept our heartfelt sympathies. Words fall short ...man is a poor comforter. May you find all your help and strength from the Lord, our creator who makes no mistakes.
With our thoughts and prayers.
Bob & Deb Hults & family Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:2-4

14 Oct 09 - 6:24 PM I am so sorry to check back and see that sweet Jaymun has passed. I don't know you personally, but have followed his story since the beginning. I am crying with sadness now for the pain your family must be enduring.
Jaymun was truly an angel sent to bless us all... even for such a short time.
May he be dancing in Heaven forever protecting your family.
My deepest condolences. Nicole Q. Alaska

14 Oct 09 - 5:35 PM You do not know me but you know my grandaughter Casey Hahn and she told me today of your loss of your dear child Jaymun. I know your suffering and struggles as we lost a grandchild 13 years ago. Joseph only lived 11 hours newly born perfect, but for his valve that did not work. I do know there is a God Who knows all. I send my comfort and love and most of all God's healing power. It will take time, but God is always near. God's strength and healing - Judy Hah

14 Oct 09 - 4:30 PM There are no words. I've buried my own son, there is nothing to say, especially when I know you have the Gospel and are being ministered to in person. My heart breaks for your family. I want you to wake up and have the joy back in your home. For me, time did blunt the grief and bring some of the joy back... but it took years. I know it's a too early for your family to celebrate his life while you're swallowed up in active grief. I'd like to laugh and celebrate Jaymun's incredible journey, re-reading all the posts about his adventures and all the people he touched, remembering how beautifully you cared for him with God's guidance. Thank you for sharing this journal with us. I think it can shine a light in the darkness for others. Now is the time for you to let others lift you up. Praying for you to feel God's love, to have peace and light in your time of need. T. Smith

14 Oct 09 - 12:52 PM Hello, Here is a song my husband and I wanted to send earlier. While it appears to us too late we know our God is sovereign and his timing is perfect. I think it more fitting now. Jessica B.

14 Oct 09 - 11:45 AM Jennifer I am so sorry for your lost. If there is anything I can do to help please ask. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Kelly S.

14 Oct 09 - 10:35 AM Jennifer, Dave and family, I am so sorry to hear that Jaymun has lost his earthly fight. It almost sounds trite to say he is in a better place, but he is at peace now. He certainly was a gallant warrior. I extend my sympathies to you and your family and to everyone else whose life was touched by Jaymun. While there is great earthly sadness, there is great joy in knowing he is receiving his heavenly reward. Wayne Huberty