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13 Oct 09 - 10:02 AM I want to let you know that I am praying for Jaymun and all of your family. I find a beautiful and moving song to be Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. Julie Dougherty

13 Oct 09 - 10:02 AM Praying for all of you and your beautiful Jaymun. May the Lord bring an extra measure of strength, healing and comfort into your lives today. Laura

13 Oct 09 - 9:56 AM My name is Chip Ferlaak, my wife Jody has followed your story since the beginning and has been a part of our families prayers for sometime. As a father who has lost a child I don't want to tell you how to feel and what to do as you approach the destiny of Jaymun, whether that be another miracle or the miracle of being with Jesus for eternity waiting for you see him again. The one thing I can tell you is that Heaven is real and for everything Jaymun has endured will all be healed when the glory of God has been revealed to him. As far as song suggestions, these are maybe more for you, I would listen to Downhere's Hope is Rising and Don't Miss Know. Years after Teagan's passing these songs really spoke to me when I first heard them.
You get bumped and bruised and worse
For choosing the road less traveled
You know the reward is rich
If you persist through the darkest battles
Open your eyes
Your prize is right before you somehow
Whatever you do, just don't miss now

May God show your his richness during these tough time and bless you and your family with greater faith, strength, and understanding. If a miracle doesn't occur I hope you realize that his fight has inspired others, and that he is in peace and joy with the Lord. Regards, Chip Ferlaak

13 Oct 09 - 9:23 AM I found your site thru a dear friend of mine, Stephanie, about a week ago. I instantly became Jaymun's biggest fan and have cheered him on as things got better and shed tears as they went back downhill. My daughter has also fought the cancer beast called AML and I am so incredibly sorry for all the pain you have endured and for everything your precious Jaymun has had to go thru. I am so incredibly impressed with your vast knowledge of herbs and natural remedies that I have set upon the same path to become more knowledgeable. Here our daughter was given a 2nd chance and yet we were never told about the anti-leukemia diet/herbs so I thank you for that. You continue to remain constantly in my thoughts and prayers. hugs, Gina

13 Oct 09 - 8:57 AM This song has helped me tremendously....and I want to share it with your family today. "Come to Jesus" by Chris Rice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW5S8Xm-GkA Praying for you all, Tami

13 Oct 09 - 8:49 AM What a fantastic idea!!! and there are So MANY good songs .... Maddy (4 yr old) thinks you should play the HOKEY POKEY for Jaymun!!! one of my favorites is Jesus Take the Wheel...It is Well, Grace Like Rain...God Bless America!! as well as many others that have already been listed. Continuing prayers of strength, guidance and peace! Rosemary Cortinaz

13 Oct 09 - 8:40 AM I just read your 10pm post from last night and can't help but cry for your precious boy and the whole family. I had a dream about Jaymun last night and he was home playing and laughing. I hope and pray the doctor is wrong. Angie D.

13 Oct 09 - 8:20 AM Dear Dave and Jennifer, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very hard time. Be assured that God is holding you in his arms at this time, so draw all the peace and comfort that you need from him. We shall continue to pray for you all. Love Aunt Bev and Uncle Bruce

13 Oct 09 - 7:42 AM One song that all my family has loved is "On Eagles Wings". Our Prayers for your familiy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rRea9qnjK4 Becky

13 Oct 09 - 6:38 AM I've been reading for over a year. Peace be with you. God's already there. Kelly M.

13 Oct 09 - 6:33 AM message of the day ...meant for you? Angelica
SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns -- October 13, 2009:
You have made it over the hump. The worst is behind you, and now you can progress unhindered. I have brought you through just as I had promised, says the Lord. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad. Rise up in praise, honor and glory to the Holy One of Israel, Almighty God, for He is worthy to be praised. Open your heart and let your words pour fourth in adoration and thanksgiving. Let the angels rejoice with you and give thunderous praise. Amen.
    Psalms 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

13 Oct 09 - 5:50 AM Lord, Jaymun, please- sir. Has he fulfilled the purpose for which he came? Our world is so sin soaked and broken. We hate cancer...it hurts. As part of your body, and a sister of the Kaat family I ask you, as you told us, to offer a prayer in faith believing that Jaymun will be healed. He is sick, you are our Healer. We need you Jesus, come to our rescue. No one else will do. Karen

13 Oct 09 - 5:37 AM We still believe God can/will heal him.And won't stop praying Dave and Jenifer. Connie

13 Oct 09 - 12:37 AM Jennifer and Dave, I sang "I Know My Redeemer Lives" at our Sounds of Gospel concert last fall. "The very same God, that spins things in orbit, runs to the weary, the worn and the weak" I am sure there are better recordings than this, but here is a link to my performance of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h_9fJKap7o We pray for Jaymun everyday and send our love and strength to your family. Peace, Sherry

13 Oct 09 - 12:37 AM Dawn Hansen
   Holy, You are still holy
Even when the darkness surrounds my life
Sovereign, You are still sovereign
Even when confusion has blinded my eyes
   Lord, I don't deserve Your kind affection
When my unbelief has kept me from Your touch
I want my life to be a pure reflection
Of Your love
   And so I come into Your chamber
And I dance at Your feet, Lord
You are my Saviour
And I'm at Your mercy
All that has been in my life
Up 'til now
It belongs to You
You are still holy
   Holy, You are still holy
Even though I don't understand Your ways
Sovereign, You will be sovereign
Even when my circumstances don't change
   Lord, I don't deserve your tender patience
When my unbelief has kept me from Your truth
I want my life to be a sweet devotion
To You
   And so I come into Your chamber
And I dance at Your feet, Lord
You are my Saviour
And I'm at Your mercy
All that has been in my life
Up 'til now
It belongs to You
I belong to You
   And so I come into Your chamber
And I dance at Your feet
You are my Saviour
And I'm at Your mercy
All that has been in my life
Up 'til now
It belongs to You
I belong to You
You are still holy
You are still sovereign
You are still holy, Lord
You are still righteous
You are all-knowing
You are still holy

12 Oct 09 - We hold you in our hearts as we continue our prayers with you. May the fragrance of Jesus fill your room. Jesus, Your nearness is to us our good. Amen. Will & Mary Kasper and family

12 Oct 09 - Hi, Dave and I are praying for Jaymun. We love you guys. Here is a song for Jaymun that I have loved and has meant a lot to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98nG3xH02wo Love, Joany and Dave

12 Oct 09 - I have been following your story for a while now. Jaymun, you are the bravest little boy I have ever "known". You remind me so much of my youngest son and my heart aches for you and your family. I am praying with all I have for a miracle. For your parents to have one more smile, one more hug, one more kiss. Don't be scared little Jaymun. God will wrap his arms around you and protect you. God, grant us a miracle and heal Jaymun. Jennifer Johnson

12 Oct 09 - Dave, Jennifer and family, I just read the last post and my heart is crying ...tears are streaming so hard down my face that I can hardly see to type. There are no words to say except that 'I too hope the doctors are wrong", and if not .....The Glory of the Lord will Shine round about Jaymun.....and there will be no fear. You are a wonderful family, and I simply wish you abundant Peace .......you are in my thoughts and prayers. Loving you through Christ who made us all, Marla

12 Oct 09 - My family and I have been following Jaymun's story for the past few weeks. What a beautiful, strong little boy! We pray for him daily. "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban is one of my favorite songs, may it comfort you during this difficult time. Amy Nelson Manitowoc, WI

12 Oct 09 - I thought that Jaymun would enjoy a little Thomas music so I thought I'd send him this song. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-hw522GIskVc/thomas_and_friends_song/ Enjoy buddy! I think about you constantly and pray for you often! God Bless you Jen Office and family! Love, Katie

12 Oct 09 - Hi Jennifer and Dave,
Psalm 91
His Word, beautiful. Mary

12 Oct 09 - I love you Jayman its me booboo Jonathan marquez
12 Oct 09 - May god Bless you all. We pray for your family everyday. Jonathan Marquez Grandma Lisa Regino
12 Oct 09 - I'm still a Pooh Fan and my girls love it too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjIYTd_lJqs and Baby of Mine are http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzoZnivlLhw two songs that bring Jaymun to mind. Our family is sending good thoughts and wishes for your family. My girls are thinking of him and when we're saying prayers each night my three year reminds us to pray for Jaymun right away. Sending our love and prayers from Michigan. The Serven's

12 Oct 09 - Hi, Just thought Sarah McLachlan's song "Ordinary Miracle" would lift you up. Praying for you every night. Jennifer McNeely

12 Oct 09 - It is Well With My Soul! I know this hymn will give you peace in your hearts. We are praying intensely for Jaymun and every one of you. Also remember "How Great is our God!" Love to you all, Bob & Marilyn Jacoby

12 Oct 09 - This is one of my favorite songs when I’m feeling sad or troubled. Praise you in this storm, by Casting Crowns Another good one is Love them like Jesus, by Casting Crowns You are all in our prayers, The Wilson family

12 Oct 09 - Dave and Jennifer Jaymun means a lot to me and your family is too. He’s constantly in my prayers - and your vigilant research on the homeopathic herbs is nothing short of amazing and inspirational. If anyone has suggested this one already, I’m sorry - but Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce is the most beautiful song I know. I'm listening to it now. Kathleen

12 Oct 09 - We hope these couple songs will be of some comfort. our love and prayers are with you. Tony,Gail, Bella and Lilli.


12 Oct 09 - Hello, We are praying for sweet little Jaymun. Here's a song for him:
Be Still My Soul by Selah Love, Greta in Newark, OH

12 Oct 09 - How he loves - John Mark McMillan
How Great is Our God - Chris Tomlin
My kids favorite: What a Wonderful World, - Louis Armstrong
By your side - Tenth Avenue North
More than you'll ever know - Watermark
Raise me up - Selah
Heart of Life - John Mayer
We are praying for you Jaymun! Robin

12 Oct 09 - Hello Kaat family, Jillian here from California. I had heard from Jenny this morning with an update on little mister Jaymun. I wanted to let you know I am thinking about you often, lifting you all up to the Lord and praying for Jaymun. God is comfort and peace and mercy among many other amazing things, he is the ultimate physician and healer. May he comfort and guide you and bring you strength today and always.
My 2 absolute favorite songs in the world...
1. Praise you in this storm by Casting Crowns: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGPS8sa-bRQ
2. I can only imagine by Mercy Me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xwzItqYmII
Love and God Bless, Jillian Guimont Paddack

12 Oct 09 - The ladies at Twohig Orthodontics would like to request “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by IZ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ltAGuuru7Q

12 Oct 09 - Jaymun, we heard about you through tednugent.com and want to let you know we are praying for you and your family and will continue to do so until your full recovery. God bless you, Craig.

12 Oct 09 - Dear Jennifer and Dave, I've been thinking all day about these and there are several songs that I hope will help you and Jaymun. The first song that sprung to my mind was 'Beautiful Boy' by John Lennon. I also thought of 'Ben' by Michael Jackson, and some that my children all love, like 'Puff The Magic Dragon' and 'Two Little Boys' by Rolf Harris. I hope that the support you are getting from near and far help you all through this difficult time. Please take care. With all our love and prayers, The Andersons - Alastair, George, Alexandra and Isabel
12 Oct 09 - We have never met but I think I we passed in the hallway in clinc one day! I have been following for awhile after hearing about your herbal treatments as we have been giving our son Masyn who is 3 natural juices and a couple other supplements through out his treatments! Masyn also loves Thomas the Train and has that same hat in which he wore this whole summer to keep the sun off his bald little head! So I thought I would send a message and say maybe a Thomas song for him anyone as there are too many to choose from but sometimes listening to those words I have been able to relate it to our story because engines are tough and strong just like our little heros! I continue to pray for your family! Love The Liedke Family!

12 Oct 09 - Jaymun, I met your mom and sister and Jenny Ress's house a few weeks ago, when we were cleaning out her basement. I hear you are in the hospital. I hope you find the strength to help you get through your hospital stay. Any friend of Jenny's is a friend of mine. I have heard of you from Jenny through the last year. Please know even though I do not know you personally, I do want you to get better and we are praying for you. Jody Wcisel

12 Oct 09 - Jennifer and Dave...after visiting yesterday, I was driving home and in the car I heard this song on KLove, "He's My Son" by Mark Schultz. (you can listen at http://vodpod.com/watch/1125384-hes-my-son-mark-schultz). This is the absolute perfect song for you, Jaymun, and God to hear as we pray. I truly believe God played that for me to hear after the long day I had at the hospital and with you guys. We are praying so hard for a miracle, and that God will be with Jaymun always. Love, Nurse Kelly

12 Oct 09 - Hi Dave, Your idea is great, I’m planning on going through my playlists tonight (especially the one titled “Flights with turbulence”) to see what other songs I can come up with, but wanted to pass this one on. I often think of how you’re helping out Jaymun and the doctors, and a song from a Christmas Cartoon I used to watch as a kid ("Twas the Night Before Christmas") comes to mind often. It’s called "Even a Miracle Needs a Hand." Unfortunately, I can only find it on youtube... Staci L. Schluechtermann

12 Oct 09 - Hello Dave & Jennifer, Jaymun and family, I have been checking jaymun.com several times a day and praying for all of you - praying for God's direction, praying for healing, praying for strength. I believe your realization about Jaymun needing music is an answer to that prayer. There is power, comfort, healing and strength in gospel music. I hope that I can successfully send you a song that has been a blessing us. The girl singing this song is Heather Murk. She sings in her family group called "Myrrh". She was almost killed in a head on collision and experienced supernatural healing in her eyes and her facial wounds and in her tongue (it was almost completely severed). Here's the link to their website. http://www.myrrh.org/ It's a very interesting story and she sings like an angel. May the Lord anoint it to your family. Love & blessings, Ron & Sue

12 Oct 09 - "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon
Love, Steph and Karsten

12 Oct 09 - Your entry about songs prompted me to email today there is a song by Natalie Merchant, it's called Kind and Generous and it's basically a song of gratitude. I am sure being grateful is not an easy place to be right now, but, I think thanking Jaymun is appropriate. Kathryn

Here are the words:Natalie Merchant - Kind & Generous (You Tube)
  You've been so kind and generous
I don't know how you keep on giving
For your kindness I'm in debt to you
For your selflessness, my admiration
And for everything you've done
  You know I'm bound...
I'm bound to thank you for it
  You've been so kind and generous
I don't know how you keep on giving
For your kindness I'm in debt to you
And I never could have come this far without you
So for everything you've done
  You know I'm bound...
I'm bound to thank you for it
  I want to thank you
For so many gifts
You gave with love and tenderness
I want to thank you
  I want to thank you
For your generosity
The love and the honesty
That you gave me
  I want to thank you
Show my gratitude
My love and my respect for you
I want to thank you
I want to...
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

12 Oct 09 - My thoughts and Prayers are with your family and Jaymum. I pray that Jesus will cleanse and purify his little body and bless Jaymum with the miracle of healing. In his name, Teresa

12 Oct 09 - I am not sure the name of the song but I will write what I know
You are my shield
My strength
My portion
My shelter
Strong Tower
My very present help in time of need.
We love you Jaymun. Rachel Orth

12 Oct 09 - Check out Mercy Me. Their song "I Can Only Imagine" You Tube has given me so much peace over the years. Really you can pick any song by them to feel His love. I Can Only Imagine. click here for their clips http://www.mercyme.org/main/pages/audio Angie Jackson

12 Oct 09 - Hello David & Jennifer & family, Praying! Hugs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jj0vdV-Q2I0&feature=PlayList&p=FBFAD13FA743ED32&index=0&playnext=1 Love, Ruth Helms (Sytsma) Steve & Peter too!

12 Oct 09 - The Celtic Women are amazing! These are some of my favorites! Love, Becky
You Raise Me Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdtIEN2GJWo
Ave Maira http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsTJU27a1uc
The Prayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sASfv9EEhrw
the Blessing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ym8pZhOPDI

12 Oct 09 - Not sure if I forgot this one or not, but from the same Celine Dion CD ~ A Mother's Prayer. Tania

12 Oct 09 - Dave and Jennifer, I have a couple more for you from Celine Dion's CD "Miracle" ~ Miracle, Sleep Tight, A Mother's Prayer and Beautiful Boy. Enjoy, they are beautiful. Hope all is going well today!!! Love, Tania

12 Oct 09 - I can't be with you today but a song sounds like a perfect idea, how about "Simple Things" by Amy Grant Jenell Jackley RN, BSN

12 Oct 09 - Jaymun will be in my prayers. Matt Brady, Ashton Idaho

12 Oct 09 - For your sweet little monkey "Guess How Much I Love You", has some soothing bedtime lullabies, playful nature melodies and sweet classical keepsakes. Praying that Jaymun feels your presents and your love. Kathy
12 Oct 09 - Hello Kaat Family,
I am sorry I do not write more often. I check Jaymun's page daily...sometimes more. Please know your entire family is always in my thoughts and prayers. Two songs that come to mind are by a wonderful singer Natalie Grant. I think "In Better Hands" and "Our Hope Endures" are both beautiful songs.
Praying for your beautiful little boy! Jen DeSombre

12 Oct 09 - Hello to Jaymun and family. I was just introduced to you and your story by Jenny Ress. I firmly believe that music is a precious gift from the Lord to provide comfort, healing and peace. I am so glad to share some songs that are close to my heart. I will be praying for your family. May the Lord of Heaven and Earth surround you with His great peace and love. I hope this scripture is an encouragement to you and the songs listed below bring great comfort to each of you.
Trusting Him Alone, Karen Vandenberg
"Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73:25-26
I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa8w7mGug0c
Revelation Song by Kari Jobe (gateway worship) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_3W8XI7W2w
In Christ Alone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENtL_li4GbE
Amazing Grace - My Chains Are Gone by Chris Tomlin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqJsBRFdrA0
At the Foot of the Cross by Kathryn Scott http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F359YqwKyk4
It Is Well WIth My Soul by Chris Rice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCCLTm1TMeQ
Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4EkllZ8gEI
He's My Son by Mark Schultz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l09AJ9lXSE

12 Oct 09 - For your encouragement: In Christ Alone.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLy8ksqGf9w&feature=related Darby

12 Oct 09 - Just a fun little diddy: "The Unicorn". It's done by various artists, but my favorite is by Seamus Kennedy. Enjoy! Prayers still coming your way... Stephanie Averill & Family

12 Oct 09 -
Sometimes He Calms the Storm - Scott Krippayne
Praise You in this Storm - Casting Crowns
Check them out on youtube.
Thinking of you all. Kerry

12 Oct 09 - Dave and Jennifer -
I have followed your website through the Lyons family website. I am praying fervently for a miracle. This is one of my favorite songs, Plum -In my arms.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf9UzP44sl0 Yvette

12 Oct 09 -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbpElQzXg18 – See you soon (how appropriate)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhVLiHPUOIM – “you know I can't let you slip through my hands….”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXdNnw99-Ic&feature=related - Wish You Where Here (how very, very appropriate)
Please play these songs loud as they touch souls…I know this will reach little Jaymun… Chad

12 Oct 09 - These are just a few songs that I dearly love -- I hope they help fill Jaymun's room with beautiful sounds and that they lift your spirits.
Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World
Chances Are - Bob Segar & Martina McBride
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo
You Are God Alone - Phillips Craig & Dean
I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me
You Reign - Mercy Me
Lifting you all up in our prayers.
Heather Beyer (and the rest of my family)

12 Oct 09 - hello, Piers Faccini has the voice I would describe as angel's voice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-sq7JLExmQ my son especially likes this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-sq7JLExmQ Love, Anna

12 Oct 09 - Jesus You Are My Healer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghV_m7iT_ew Karen

12 Oct 09 - The following is a link to "Angels Among Us" by Alabama. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9txzREaNO4 My mom requested and played this song a thousand times. She thought it was beautiful and it brought her a lot of peace. Our family treasured this song during and after her stays at Doyne/Froedert and still do today. I hope Jaymun and your family enjoy it as much as we do. Sending songs is a great idea and it allows us to help out in one way or another. God bless you all! Hugs, prayers, and love coming your way. ~ Tina (Silver) Bialzik

12 Oct 09 - Karajan - Beethoven Symphony No. 6 In F Major 'Pastoral' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZGb-Kjy0S0 Fernando Reyero Noya

12 Oct 09 - Heard about you on the Nugent Board. God Bless you Jaymun, and may God bless you and your entire family. Praying that God will transform your health so you live a long, healthy life and inspire others with your story. God Speed To You! Sincerely, Mike aka The Masked Musician of Orange County

12 Oct 09 - Leeland - Beautiful Lord http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwoS_wIWz18 This song calms me and give me hope. I hope it does the same to your family. The lyrics are just beautiful. Love and thoughts to you both and the bravest little guy around. Love, Ali

12 Oct 09 - Every morning visiting this site is a ritual, a part of my prayers. When I come home I come here, more prayer. Even at work when the Lord impresses me I check in just to see if there is more I need to pray about. Jaymun, you are loved. We are praying for you and your family. (Jim) Linda Mondloch on you tube "I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned to the one who gave it all" I am keeping Jaymun and your family in my prayers. I lifted Jaymun up at my church on Wednesday. I pray for the Lord to keep you and hold you during this difficult time In His Love, Purpose and Mercy. In His Love... Kim

12 Oct 09 - Dave, Jennifer and Jaymun.....some music we hope you find peace and comfort with.
Theresa Griffith: Wade In The Water-A Choir of One
Michael W.Smith: Healing Rain

12 Oct 09 - There are several songs by Karen Taylor Good...
"All is Well" is a wonderful song that still remains special for me.
"God's Refrigerator" is kind of happy but I liked the words a lot.
"Love is what I made you for" is nice too.
“Real Men Cry” is one that still listen to many-many times---Dave this song helped me as a Dad... Music is a great idea. Ken ^^Michael's^^ Forever Dad

12 Oct 09 - Hi Dave, Stefano gave me a CD by Giovanni Allevi last Xmas, and I find his music (Allevi has classical training, is an excellent pianist, but his own music is a mixture, as you will hear) is extremely soothing. I use it as background when I do read impossible studies (in lieu of Mozart, also perfect for that). See for instance:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKMZ2H_a0z8 (this was used as background for a BMW commercial; it means "the way you really are")
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFIBFd3gKHE&feature=related (one of my favs ...back to life seems like the perfect title right now...)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsLg5cYEG4k&feature=related (lovely piece, too)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p194hHT40Y&feature=related (Il bacio means the kiss)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGvUOLpTSQo (ti scrivo means I am writing to you; pretty video, too)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IKeGRs5-Lw&feature=related (not as soft as the others, but I love this one, too. It means "take me")
Of course, studies show that Bach and Mozart (possibly the latter more than the former, I don't remember right now) stimulate the brain... Margaret

12 Oct 09 - Dear Jennifer,
The songs below are by Laura Story from her album, Great God Who Saves. The songs, not necessarily the videos, have really blessed my heart especially when our son Daniel was first diagnosed with leukemia and I pray they will minister to you all, too. We are praying for little Jaymun and all of your family. Laura wrote most of the songs on this album waiting in the hospital during the year her husband was in and out of ICU (taking more than one "turn for the worse") with a brain tumor.
May our Great God Who Saves hold you all close and give you Perfect Peace.
Grace and peace in Him. Love, The Greens
Mighty to Save http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yftvjP_lAc
Perfect Peace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6eDvl4Xbh8&feature=PlayList&p=E30CF045D439266F&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=1
Grace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FribXzqHVE&feature=PlayList&p=E30CF045D439266F&index=4

12 Oct 09 - Beyone Measure This song has helped me cope in many situations. I hope and PRAY for Jaymun every day. Tina Kramer

12 Oct 09 - Leeland - Beautiful Lord http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwoS_wIWz18 This song calms me and give me hope. I hope it does the same to your family. The lyrics are just beautiful. Love and thoughts to you both and the bravest little guy around. Love Ali

12 Oct 09 - This song was played at my sisters wedding and again I played it at her side while she was sedated.
Find peace in it. lyrics: http://www.lyricstime.com/josh-groban-on-eagles-wings-lyrics.html
clip to the song and a really soothing version: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/reneayala Angie Jackson

12 Oct 09 - Every morning visiting this site is a ritual, a part of my prayers. When I come home I come here, more prayer. Even at work when the Lord impresses me I check in just to see if there is more I need to pray about. Jaymun, you are loved. We are praying for you and your family. (Jim) Linda Mondloch

12 Oct 09 - Hi Dave, Dad asked me to email you - after reading your last post he thought of the song. "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and he wanted to share it with you... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqiwSIJjtEQ We've been checking your posts all throughout the days... and praying for you all. Love, Sarah, Mary, and Elisabeth
"Be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."

12 Oct 09 - There are so many moving, peaceful classical music pieces I've played in the hospital but Jaymun's story has such a wonderful message in your mission to secure fresh water wells. I selected this song, Makambo, from Geoffrey Oryema in honor of your latest call to action for Jaymun's followers to help bring water to families in Africa.
In case you're wondering what the song says, here's a brief summary:
I'm not only praying for your family to be healed in this crisis but for peace and harmony for all of you working so hard in that ICU. That pain-free moment, that smile you want, is still reflected in every image and word you've shared with us in your Journal. I hope you can see it again soon.
Peace, T.

12 Oct 09 - Grandma Habeck would have sung "Jesus Loves Me". She sang it to many of her grandchildren when she babysat for them. Especially to comfort them. My favorite comfort song is "What a Friend We Have in Jesus". I know that it is sung most in times of sorrow but it is an uplifting song to me. Aunt Janet

11 Oct 09 - Hi, David & Jennifer, I was thinking about your request for a song that would be good for the time you are now facing. I found a song called Able to Deliver. You can go here to hear it and see the words. http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/a/b/able2del.htm I hope it will give you comfort and hope in your watching hours. Love, Aunt Janie

11 Oct 09 - 'Abide with Me' is one of the most timeless, beautiful and comforting pieces of music ever written, "When other helpers fail, and comforts flee... Help of the helpless, O abide with me..." One of the most inspiring renditions of this piece I have heard is by Hayley Westenra, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89YmLBb8qGI Music is such a precious gift from our Heavenly Father, it touches so deep... It is so personal, yet so communal. God Bless, John L

11 Oct 09 - When Libby was in a dark place, the intercessors told us GOD SAID, to give him ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND HONOR! I know that is a song, maybe someone can help. Be still and listen, Tim & Lisa Tamsen

11 Oct 09 - Hillsong- Mighty to Save My Savior He can move the mountains! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-08YZF87OBQ jodi raih

11 Oct 09 - Here is a song for you.....I think of you all every time it comes into my head. Kutluss/Kutlass (not sure of spelling) artist "miracles can happen"=====the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7elxC8LXfzE Love to all of you, -marla

11 Oct 09 - The song that came to our minds is The Anchor Holds, sung by Ray Boltz. Your complete family has been, will be and continues to be constantly in our thoughts and prayers. May God continue to bless and strengthen you! Adrian and Neeltje Lobbezoo

11 Oct 09 - Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins http://www.ilike.com/artist/Kenny+Loggins/track/Return+To+Pooh+Corner Much love to Jaymun and family from Houston, Texas. Ronda

11 Oct 09 - Somewhere Over The RainbowA Kostic

11 Oct 09 -
hi dave and jennifer
   it is so amazing that you requested music, our family was on a little road trip today and we were praying for jaymun while driving this morning. and as my new favorite cd from Hillsong was playing in the background i was totally thinking i needed to send you the song... however i have yet to upload it to my computer so let me just tell you that the new cd from Hillsong, called faith..hope..love, is wonderful!!! you need to play track #4 as loud as allowed in jaymun's room and raise your hands and praise and sing it over and over!! as a worship leader and music is my main ministry and gift from the Lord, i know the power of the Holy Spirit as we surrender and praise in good or in trial. one of the main choruses of #4 (can't remember the name for anything right now!!) is this : "it's Your Love, it's Your Love, it's Your love that as saved me. your Blood, it's Your blood, it's Your Blood that has claimed me" isn't that so true and reassuring that by His love He has already saved jaymun and by His blood He has claimed jaymun and our Lord Jesus is loving jaymun in the midst of this.
   also while you're downloading music, also just get another Hillsong cd, This is Our God, is the album title. you will find great comfort in singing Healer (i think it's #5) and This is Our God (#4), oh well that entire cd is a gift of worship and praise and comfort.
   as i was praying for your family and jaymun yesterday, pleading that God would give you more time i kept feeling like the Lord was telling me that He was with jaymun, through all this the Lord is comforting jaymun in place that no one else can and protecting jaymun. who knows what wonderful revelations and interactions jaymun will have to talk about when this passes.
all your research is amazing, the Lord keeps giving you just what you need to know in the time He wants to you discover it... it is truly awesome to watch.
   greatly He gave it all for us, surrendered His life upon that cross. Great is the love poured out for all, this is OUR GOD. lifted on high, from death to life, forever our GOD is glorified. Servant and King, rescued the world, this is OUR GOD!!!
   (lyrics from this is our God by Hillsong, love this song... I could sing it to God all day. reminds me of who God is and how much he loves us, even when our world is consumed in a fog)
be blessed... heather

11 Oct 09 -
Here is the 2nd of our favorite night time songs for our Andrew.
Linda and David
Title: Here I Am http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oV70-5UYn0
Artist: Silverman
Album: On a Starry Night

11 Oct 09 - Dave & Jennifer ~ A song off of Andrew's nigh time listening CD of lullabies. He's been hearing this beautiful music since he was a newborn. This one is from Brazil. Maybe it can bring you some quiet comfort.
Much love & prayers ~ Linda & David
Title: Anjo Da guarda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-viGmdQNR5E
Artist: Airto Moreira
Album: On a Starry Night

11 Oct 09 - Angels Among Us by Alabama. This helped me so much when my mom was sick. Hope you like it. It's one of my favorites. Hope you all have a peaceful night. In our thoughts and prayers~
Tania & Family

11 Oct 09 -
Love of my life by Carly Simon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJAD9ptfgYs
Simple Gifts by Jim Brickman
Lots of love and prayers from the Mattmiller's!

11 Oct 09 -
Revelation Song by Philips, Craig and Dean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NN9hX61vhg
May God's love blanket your sweet family. Jaymun is just beautiful.
Praying hard....... Steph in CA

11 Oct 09 - "Only Hope" by Mandy Moore. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ofeDruIwTM I think about all of you constantly, and I've been compulsively checking the blog in hopes of good news. I have faith a good update is close at hand. Love, Nicole

11 Oct 09 - Two more songs I love & enjoy are:
Catch the Moon - Elizabeth Mitchell & Lisa Loeb (it's actually the music on my website)
The Rainbow Connection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nluv2yWP1JM

11 Oct 09 - Hi Dave & Jennifer, One of my absolute favorite songs for the boys is: Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) by the Dixie Chicks
(Click on the play button on the upper right hand side of the screen to hear the Dixie Chicks.)
I play this often & it brings me peace & comfort. Sending so many prayers Jaymun's way. Love you all & thinking and praying for you. Love, Jenny, Asha, Ryder & Koley
P.S. Ryder is listening to the song with me now.
Please tell Jennifer to call me tonight if she wants to talk. I'll have the phone right by me.

11 Oct 09 - Dave and Jennifer,
Praying for your precious little "monkey".
A song that comes to mind is "Dandelions" by Five Iron Frenzy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWTgFHCw2RM Beautiful song about how precious every gift from a child is.
Love, Naomi, Geeshik, and Willow

11 Oct 09 - I gave an update to our Church congregation at the service this morning, Jaymun received an extra mention in our prayer list, so I know that we were all praying for a miracle to help him, and to help you all, and we will continue to pray for a miracle for you.
I had to write this too because one of the Hymns we sung this morning was 'O Jesus, I Have Promised', and the verses brought me to tears as I thought about you and Jaymun. From this distance - reading about Jaymun from his website, it does seem as if he is a little fighter and I hope that he will improve so that you may all have some more valuable time with him, as a family, at home.
There were two verses especially that made me think of Jaymun - 'I shall not fear the battle If thou art by my side', and the final verse 'O let me see thy foot-marks, And in them plant mine own; My hope to follow duly Is in thy strength alone: O guide me, call me, draw me, Uphold me to the end; And then in heaven receive me, My Saviour and my friend.'
I have just read the 10am posting for today. I am hoping that the miracle you asked us to pray for is happening...
With all our prayers to you all, The Andersons - Alastair, George, Ian, Alexandra and Isabel.

10 Oct 09 - Dave, we've been and will continue to be praying for you and Jennifer and your little boy, pleading at the throne of grace for a miracle, for blessing on the work of the doctors, nurses and yourself, and that you and Jennifer would feel the near presence of our heavenly Father through all of this. Blessings, your brother in Christ, John Lobbezoo

10 Oct 09 - Hi, David and Jennifer, While you stand by the bedside of your dear little Jaymun we are here praying that he will grow up to do a great work for the Lord. I will not give up hope or prayer for him until the Lord deems otherwise. I do not wish for you what I have experienced. But no matter what the outcome is, I know that God will be there beside you helping you through it all. On our own we cannot make it, but with God we can hold on. My prayers are with you day in and day out. Keep courage, keep hoping, keep believing, keep praying. I love you all. Aunt Janie.

10 Oct 09 - Dave, Jennifer and Kids, It is Saturday night and I just read your latest post. You are ever so right that the final outcome comes from hands unseen. I also know that while your Faith is strong, it is a difficult realization. Pleaseknow that whatever the outcome, God Will ALWAYS hold steadfast and have his arms wrapped around each and every one of them. As your family has been on my heart for over a year, my prayer tonight is for a calming peace, and "those 5 more minutes" . Know that all of you are thought about many many times during the day and throughout the night (I have been sleeping with my laptop so thaqt I can check on all of you), and that you all are deeply loved and cared about. Loving you through Christ, and sending a HUGE HUG your way, Marla

10 Oct 09 - Hello, I just wanted to send you some prayers and hugs from Conshohocken, Pa. I have been following your blog and your sweet baby boy for years now. I am praying with everything I have right now for your little boy and family. I have been following the blog for the last 2 weeks checking back a few times a day on your updates hoping for something to change. I really do understand some of the things you are going through and I know the feeling of losing a child and please know I am praying hard. I told my husband I wanted to jump on a plane last week I feel like I know this little boy......as well as many others who have grown to love and know your sweet little boy.....please stay strong and know there are people praying out there and we are all holding on waiting to hear about Jaymun......lots of hugs, prayers and hope coming your way......please don't even worry about responding.....take the few mintues it would take to respond and just rest, pray and hug your family....... Lots of Prayers... Amie

10 Oct 09 - Hi There Jaymun's Family, Just want to let you know that I have been praying for Jaymun all day and will continue to do so. What a sweet little guy you have there. God be with all of you. Come on little buddy, show us a miracle again! Love from a big Jaymun fan in Canada. -Marguerite

10 Oct 09 - I have stayed logged into Jaymun's blog these past weeks - wanting to read good news and praying that God will heal Jaymun from this disease. I continue to pray for you all and cry as I read each post - some have been tears of happiness, but more tears have been shed because of the brokenness I sense in your more recent posts. Our whole family is praying, even our 2 year old who can barely understand more than Jaymun is sick. I wish there was something more I could do to help ease your pain, to bring you those few minutes with Jaymun that you so desperately want, to create more beautiful Jaymun memories. We are with you in spirit -- and we are praying. The Beyer Family

10 Oct 09 - Dave and Jennifer and Family, We have been reading your posts for quite some time and the last ones seem so sad. I cry as I read how you wish you could just hear him running to you and all the other little moments you remember with him. Praying God will wrap his arms around your family at this difficult time. Keep the memoires of good times near to your heart. It isn't easy to say Lord thy will be done. Praying for comfort for Jaymun and God's will to be done. The Velier's

10 Oct 09 - My heart and prayers are with you and your family during these trying times. The tears stream down my face every time I read your blog. God Bless you and your family. Tamie Emmer

09 Oct 09 - Hi Kaat's- I'm Thinking of you guys so often. I don't know where you are getting your strength and energy from, but I can't tell you how much you all amaze me. Stay strong!! Much love- Kim

09 Oct 09 - Jennifer and Family, I've been reading and following along for awhile now and I wanted you to know that I think of Jaymun and your entire family every day. Jaymun is such a fighter and you both are amazing parents. You're all truly inspirational and have taught me many lessons..patience, gratitude, forgiveness, etc, etc. Sending hugs, positive thoughts, and prayers! Stephanie (Garrett) Averill and Family

07 Oct 09 - Dave and Jennifer: My husband works for Norfolk Southern railroad here in Roanoke, VA. Is there something specific that Jaymun likes about trains? Norfolk Southern has a pretty good store and I would enjoy sending something special to him. I love the picture you've posted -- I love seeing that smile and those beautiful curls. We're praying and have pictures of Jaymun posted at work and at home so every time we see him we can say a quick prayer. My 2 year old, Tristen, says he wants to "play with Jaymun when he gets better." Oh how I would love to see that happen! God be with you and your family. The Beyers

07 Oct 09 - Dear Kaat Family & Jaymun: I think of all of you many, many times each day and send as many prayers in your direction as I possibly can. I check out Jaymun's website numerous time each day to see how he is doing and hope that when the page is opening that all I have to read is good news. The picture you posted today is the most adorable photo of Jaymun and truly shows how exuberant and loved this little boy is. You have both been such wonderful parents to him throughout this process and how blessed you all are to have him in your lives as well. Too many people in this world have not opened their hearts to God and have not seen His wonderful work first hand, you have. I have. I will continue to pray for little Jaymun and your family and wish so much that he can get through this. Dana Dahm & Family

07 Oct 09 - PTL!!!! I just read your post from one hour ago.....Great news!!!! Will continue to pray. Rosemary

07 Oct 09 - Dear Dave and Jennifer: We also continue to pray for you, Jaymun and your family. We pray for strength and comfort from the God of all mercies, that you would feel His very near presence always, when you are both encouraged and discouraged with Jaymun's progress. We are so thankful for the testimony of the goodness of the Lord through all of this that you have been able to share, how you have been so given to lay Jaymun (and yourselves) in the hands of our Lord and Saviour. I think of Psalm 91, He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty... He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble... The Lord bless you, John Lobbezoo

06 Oct 09 - My prayers are with Jaymun - he is one of the bravest child I ever heard of. Words cannot express what he went through in this little age and the inspiring courage and bravery he has shown - no matter what god's plan is for Jaymun, he surely will be an inspiration to thousands and thousands of people allover the world in fighting this disease. I am absolutely sure the inspirational power of Jaymun's story will save many, many lifes in the future. You can be so proud of your brave little boy and he must be so proud of his parents - what you as parents went through to save Jaymun is beyond anything and I wish I could only be a fraction as good a dad to my son as you are to Jaymun. Jaymun already made many wonders come true to fight against the AML, why should there not be more wonders to come. I pray and hope with all my heart for a happy ending to this deeply moving story. Benjamin

06 Oct 09 - Hi guys~ Just wanted to let you know that we are continually thinking about Jaymun and keeping you all in our prayers! Lots of Love, Tania & Family

06 Oct 09 - So a few days ago I was at my cousins home and she was telling me that Jaymun is struggling. I prayed for him and went on with our evening. The next day on her facebook I read Pray for Jaymun. I am not sure if this is selfish or not. But to me this screams how big our God really is. I have been trying for years to show her how God is so big and even in the midst of sorrow he brings light. She never wanted to succumb to the Lord's prodding and I knew if I could just get her to believe that God is so real it could bring her family into the kingdom of God. I will pray on for Jaymun simply because I know he needs healing. But God is so close to that little boy right now I pray that you can feel him just like Jaymun feels him. We all love him and your family and we continue to pray fervently for him. Rachel Orth

06 Oct 09 - I heard of Jaymun's site from Taylor Jones' CB site. From the postings I have seen, you little man is quite the fighter. I pray that Jaymun continues to improve and that God's healing surrounds him. Julie Sharp

06 Oct 09 - praying for all of you, that you have the strength to get through each day. Colleen (Mueller) Beisbier

05 Oct 09 - When I go to sleep at night, I can't help but see that cute little smiley picture of Jaymun on his log before I pray the Lord work another miracle in his life. How wonderful it was to read of Jaymun's progress! I'm so thankful that God has put Jaymun into such good hands. In a world where so much has and continues to go wrong, it's inspiring to see how so many people have come to Jaymun's aid. Tryg

05 Oct 09 - We continue to pray! May the Lord give you strength for each day and comfort that only HE can give. Susan

05 Oct 09 - Couldn't believe my eyes when I read the last 2 entries, what a miracle so far, still has a long ways to go but it is so much better than yesterday. Think about Jaymun all the time and especially now when he is very sick I keep him in my prayers and thoughts. Betty

05 Oct 09 - Dave and Jennifer, I just wanted to say hi and that you and your family are in my prayers every moment. I am glad to hear that there is a turn around for Jaymun, he is such a fighter. He is the strongest little boy I know and I pray for him all the time. I know that many people are praying for him and that is what is helping I think but at least for the moment he is getting a little better and that is a sign of hope. Maybe he will be our little miracle for the second time. He is the greatest little boy there is and you guys are so lucky to have him in your hearts and family. We love you all and give Jaymun a big hug and kiss for me. Dave you are never not in my prayers to. Love ya all, Brenda Teetzen and family. God Bless you and your family Dave and Jennifer

05 Oct 09 - Tears of joy for you all....I am speechless... I have been wihtout internet access all weekend and this morning, on my way to school, I just couldn't wait to check in on you all--I am so thankful for the wonderful news! Kerry

04 Oct 09 - I can't even begin to say how absolutely, ridiculously happy I am right at this moment. I have been sitting at my computer for at least 45 minutes trying to write a new blog post but consistently slipping into prayer with tears running down my face holding up Jaymun and your family before God. I started reading back over the last week and a half, searching for any research I might have come across that would be helpful to the situation (that you hadn't already found, lol), but pleading for the Lord to work mightily in saving Jaymun. And then to click back to today's page and read an update, WOW!!! I made my husband pause his movie and listen to me read the news, choking back tears of joy, rejoicing in this miracle that Jesus has so mercifully bestowed on Jaymun!!!
I was praying and thanking God earlier today for all the many miracles He has done in and through Jaymun since his birth, praising because our God is NOT a tiny, contained Lord that fits in a neat little trinket box!! He is NOT weak, He is not worried or scared!! He is the Creator of the entire Universe, He is all-knowing, ever-present, eternal, just and loving Savior and Father to His children. and He is capable and able to do abundantly more than I can think or imagine, and I (along with so many others, which is way cool!!!) believe and know that the Lord is in that hospital room hovering over Jaymun, hugging on him, speaking Life into him and I won't pray "if you would, or can you please heal" NOPE!! I will continue to pray for the Lord to heal Jaymun according to His will and plan!! because it's not if, our God will and can and is healing Jaymun in this minute and hour whether we recognize it or not!!! Who knows how many nurses, doctors, patients and families' hope and faith will be renewed in Christ in hearing about the miracleous events of today?!!
Our family loves Jaymun and the whole Kaat clan!! lol and when you are tired,we're most definitely holding you up in prayer. I am so excited about the effects that the supplements are having and so thankful for the favor the Lord is giving you with the doctors!! These things, total God moments, bits of bright light in this current fog. ever praying, ever believing, watching for miracles, trusting in the One who will never leave us!!! many blessings ...Heather

04 Oct 09 - Checked one more time tonight and we are praising God right along with you. Amazing. We are so thrilled. As they say on HOT, we'll hope for an uneventful night and even better news in the morning. Becca

04 Oct 09 - Wow....Thank You God ...so happy to hear Jaymun is trending better ....keep up with the herbs and supplements.....Denise

04 Oct 09 - Dear Dave and Jennifer, I just had to check on Jaymun before we turned in for the night and just couldn't believe what I was reading. We pray continually for God's healing hand, so we should never be surprised at what he does for his little children. I shared your last entry with Brenda and Aunt Janice and we agreed that tonight our prayers would also be thankful prayers. We Love you all and hope you know what a inspiration your faith has been to all. Take care and God Bless. Aunt Bev and Uncle Bruce

04 Oct 09 - I am thinking and praying for you all....PLEASE let us know if we can help in anyway..... Can't stop thinking of you guys....every time its on my mind I say a prayer .....sending my love John Van Beek

04 Oct 09 - Jennifer and Dave, What you must be going through at the moment, I can only imagine. Keep strong, Jaymun and the rest of your family need you both, and I know your faith will help you through this difficult time. I am sure it may seem hard to understand the journey you are going through, but the Lord alone knows our true destiny. I wish there was something that I could do for you guys. We continue to pray for Jaymun at Church and want to send the whole Kaat family our love and best wishes. Take Care, all our loveAlastair, George, Ian, Alexandra and Isabel from Lakenheath, England.

04 Oct 09 - You don't know me, but I've been following Jaymun's story since the Piper Family posted that you needed prayers and support on their caringbridge website. It breaks my heart to hear what you are all going through, and I've been sending all my thoughts and prayers your way. I only hope and pray for the best. Sincerely ~ Jordan Paige, 17 from CA

04 Oct 09 - It's very hard at our age to witness the struggles you have been facing. I cannot imagine the pain of watching all the procedures this little boy has endured. He is so blessed to have been brought into your lives. You (all of you) have been so blessed that indeed he was born. That includes us too as we follow his progress. My heart goes out to you. It's a great reminder of what is God's plan for us over which we are not the controllers. May God give you the strength and support you need. Love, Aunt Janet

04 Oct 09 - Fervent prayers for Jaymun, his Mum and Dad and brothers and sisters from New Zealand. I hope that in one way or another the struggle will soon end for you all. Thinking of you EVERY day. Trust in Him. Maggie Armstrong

04 Oct 09 - The Lord is so close to you and Jennifer and of course to Jaymun. He is the Giver of Peace when there is none, and wisdom when we're confused, He extends His powerful hand to pick up His child when we fall in weakness. And He is all-knowing and thankfully in complete control in even the most horrific and scary moments, and trust me that I am certainly not trying to be trite, for I know that you pain is deep and unthinkable. But the great big, Holy Savior will walk sweet Jaymun through this valley and He will heal Him. Praying so much for Jaymun and his doctors (that includes you Dave!!) and the whole family, that God's glory be revealed. in Christ's love Heather

04 Oct 09 - Jaymun and Family, Hang in there little man! all of us at the iwalk/run for wishes in Manitowoc took a moment to pray for you and your family Jaymun. We all really wish you could have been there so we could meet you. We made enough money to grant two wishes. Stay strong Jaymun <3 Sarah Holm

04 Oct 09 - Dear Dave, Jennifer and family. We've been reading your blog. We've been lifting both Jaymun and your family up in prayer, for both your physical and spiritual needs. We will continue to be in prayer for you all as time passes.
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof.
There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.
God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early.
The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted.
The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.
Psalm 46 : 1 – 7

May God continue to strengthen and bless you. Adrian and Nellie Lobbezoo

04 Oct 09 - We miss you, love you, and pray for you each and every day. We admire your faith and courage, and know God will take care of your family. Much love from IL, The Beimlings

04 Oct 09 - Our Michael SO loved babies and toddlers. Perhaps God called Michael first to prepare for Jaymun. There must be a reason why of all the people we met on HOT, your Jaymun has so touched our hearts. Holding on to that lovely thought should God call Jaymun home. In prayer for Jaymun's comfort and healing, and strength all around. Becca Piper ^^Michael's^^ Forever Mom

04 Oct 09 - Dave and Jennifer~ I wish there was more I could do for you. I can't even imagine what you are all going through. Reading your entries brings tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to all of you, and especially to you Jaymun! You are in our prayers!!! Tania
Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous hand. Isaiah 41:10

03 Oct 09 - I am drawn each day in prayer to your situation. It's almost like I have to read the latest on Jaymun, yet fearing to click open each day's news. But I am so moved, so deeply moved by how God is using this all - yes for your family - but for how many others only eternity will tell. I can see Him grow you as parents by the minute... and to think Jaymun's Dad was the mischievous lad I once taught in school many years ago! God can do what man can never do. We praise Him! My favorite line today, "So Jaymun will come safely through ...either forward or up." We love you and we praise our God. One day in glory... Here's a beautiful couple of lines from a stirring hymn written for a Godly girl who was suddenly taken from her family and from life on earth on May 1, 2004. We would not have cried could we have shared the moment she first saw Him. For the awe concealed was there revealed as she gazed upon His face. Ruth's Dad entered glory early this morning ...what a homecoming that was! We'll be heading East first thing Monday, God willing. With all our love ~ the Lipsy Family (the Arkansas part).

03 Oct 09 - I started praying for Jaymun when he was so sick last year. I have continued and will continue to pray for him and all of your family. Mary from VA

03 Oct 09 - Dave, Jennifer and family, we think of you each and every day and hold only the best of thoughts for Jaymun and all of you in our hearts! We pray he is on the way to feeling better very soon. Take care ~ Ryan and Tania Noll & Family

03 Oct 09 - Kaat Family: Our prayers and hearts go out to you and your family. We pray for strength, comfort and for God to heal Jaymun. God Bless you all. The Serven's

02 Oct 09 - I found this site from a friend's facebook post, and I offer you compassion and care and strength through this really impossible leg of the journey. "With God, all things are possible". I hold Jaymun in the light. Cathey

02 Oct 09 - I wish I was reading how the western docs let you keep up with your herbs. I wish i read that he was getting better. But because I didn't I want you to know that I am thinking of you and have often. Your family and Jaymun are in my prayers. P.

02 Oct 09 - Hi again, Just a note to let you know that all of you, Jaymun, Dave, Jen, Ben, Kirsten, Devon, and Sean, are all in my prayers. I think of you all quite often, and think you're one of the strongest families that I know. I've also asked that Jaymun be added to our church's prayer list on Sunday. Dave, I've never met you, but I can tell from you're blogs that you're stubborn, in a good way. I won't try to pretend I understand when you post information about the treatments and blood counts, but what you've done shows true love of a father. Jen, the pictures you've taken of the kids are amazing, and your posts often leave me crying. I know every mother loves their children unconditionally, and with every ounce of their being, but I'm not sure how someone as small in stature of you has that many ounces of being. Your kids are among the luckiest ever. And kids, I think that probably goes both ways, you are so lucky to have a mother and father like you have. I'll keep praying for health and strength for all of you. Staci

02 Oct 09 - You do not know me, but I have been following your blog for several years now. I have a son the same age as Jaymun and it saddens me deeply that he has had this relapse. The faith your family has shown through your web site has been an inspiration to me. Jaymun and your family are in my prayers. Pam Winchester, VA

02 Oct 09 - What a brave little fighter,hang in there Jaymun!!! (Angie) Sent from my iPhon Angie:-)

02 Oct 09 - My prayers are with Jaymun. My heart goes out to you. I wish I knew how to help. -- Tryg C. Jacobson Chairman, Jacobson Rost

02 Oct 09 - My heart just aches for Jaymun and the whole family. Things like this just shouldn't happen, period. I've loved looking at all of the pictures you've posted --Jaymun's sparkle in his eyes and that curly hair are beyond adorable. I ordered a book on cd for Jaymun earlier this week and it's to be at your house today. I wish I had ordered it weeks ago, so he could have listened to it on the countless trips to the clinic in September. If someone brings it down to you, maybe he can still hear it and give him something new to listen to. Otherwise, it will be waiting for him --there just HAS to be another miracle for Jaymun and we're all praying hard for one. Angie D.
02 Oct 09 - Dave and Jenifer, You and Jaymun have been in our prayers daily. and will continue to be. It's gotta be tough, and as a parent, I can't imagine what this must be like. Whatever the outcome, I and you know, that Jesus is in control, even though we can't understand it. Feel free to call us if you need to talk We will continue to pray for Jaymun Shawn and Connie

02 Oct 09 - David and Jennifer, I still read - and I'm still praying! You are amazing parents and Jaymun is blessed to have you researching every option, fighting for his health, praying round the clock, and doing everything possible to bring healing to his body. I'm fighting with you as a prayer warrior. You don't even know me - but I've been reading your story regularly since Jaymun's birth. And I remain a faithful prayer partner - With much affection for Jaymun and your whole precious family! Darby

01 Oct 09 - Oostburg Christian School held special prayers for those students whose loved ones have battled or a currently battling cancer. I asked that Jaymun be included in those prayers today. So the entire student body of OCS Lifted Jaymun up today. When I told Emmilyn (5yrs) that she should ask Jaymun to be included, that his cancer is worse, her answer was “But he's just a kid, he can't have cancer” it Brought tears to my eyes. Everyday I pray for Jaymun's recovery and for all those fighting the fight of their lives. Don't give up, I believe god is working through you and giving you the answers you need. Love and prayers Jodi

01 Oct 09 - Sending many prayers to Jaymun and your family. Julie Lukens

01 Oct 09 - Dear Dave, Jen, and kids; You are not alone, we are all there with you, wrapping our arms around you for support. Your family, and the example that you set is amazing! Bless you all. Love, Zach and Joan Stoffel (parents of Becky V.)

01 Oct 09 - Dear Family - i'm sitting here at my desk crying for you & your son. May you & little Jaymun find some kind of peace within this hellish situation. Please tell Jaymun that he is safe & protectors walk with him... words do no justice & I am so sorry... Chad

01 Oct 09 - We are keeping watch and praying with and for you too..for healing and strength in this dark and scary time. Gail, Tony, Bella and Lilli Dompke

01 Oct 09 - We join countless others in lifting prayers to our Heavenly Father, the Wonderful Counselor, Saviour of the World, Chief Cornerstone, Teacher, Prince of Peace, The Way; in whose hands we place Jaymun and the entire family for each to receive what they are in need of today, tomorrow, and each tomorrow thereafter. Peggy and Dennis.

01 Oct 09 - We are all praying for Jaymun and your family. Our whole Bible Study group from the Grafton/Mequon/Cedarburg area is praying too! Nora and Justin Brooks

01 Oct 09 - Dear Kaat Family... I have been keeping tabs on things and have been so impressed with all of you guys and the strength that you seem to have. And, the incredible research that Dave has done has been unbelievable and a blessing to Jaymun... and probably many others who are going through similar trials. And Jennifer, all that you do to try and keep things moving forward for the entire family is truly amazing. You are all an inspiration to the rest of us! You and Jaymun are in our prayers. Jeff S.

01 Oct 09 - You don't know me....but the past 3 years I have been rallying with my Mom in her battle with ovarian cancer. Two years ago Mayo in Rochester, MN and our local hospital told her to go home that there was nothing more that they could do for her. I stumbled upon the commercial regarding the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and requested information. They have given me two more years with her....but God is preparing her at this time to join Him soon and to experience eternal life. When I'm so stricken with grief and cannot sleep, I get on my computer and check and see how 'Jaymun is'. It's been so long since I've been checking on him, I literally can't remember how I got to his site... but I want to tell you what a difference your story has made in my life.... and sometimes when I feel helpless but yet I know that I have done all that I can...and I know you've done ALL THAT YOU CAN, there is such a sense of peace. The little guy with the curly hair steals my heart and each time a new pic is added...I gasp at his absolute cuteness!! Thanks for sharing your site with us 'strangers' and know that not just your friends and family are praying for Jaymun, absolute strangers are cheering and praying, in the good times and the not so good, for your precious family. This is the prayer that I have been saying in the face of my mother's illness...
Grant me the serenity,
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Hugs, Tami Lieffring Minnesota

01 Oct 09 - Our prayers are with your family at this very difficult time. Grandma Kaat's song keeps going thru my head, "to the hills I lift my eyes..." May you find strength in God's unfailing love. Ken and Colleen

01 Oct 09 - I found your blog while researching for my sister. Her son (my nephew) was diagnosed with Pre-B ALL last spring. I'm praying for Jaymun's recovery from this latest crisis. He is obviously one tough little guy. Mike Morley

01 Oct 09 - Dear David, Jennifer, and Children, We're praying for you as a family and as a church family... God is so big. Next to Him we seem so very, very small. But Jaymun is known to Him. Amidst all the myriads of things God created, Jaymun is known to Him. Everything...every detail of what is happening is orchestrated by Him. Life may seem out of control for you now. It isn't. Our heavenly Father knows. He does more than know. He acts. We love you and are praying for you, Pastor Lipsy and Family

01 Oct 09 - Covering your family and Jaymun's doctors in prayer! Laurie Fettig

01 Oct 09 - My name is Debbie and I'm Kevin Eslinger's cousin in California. I've read your sons story and I wanted to send a note saying my prayers and thoughts are with all of you. God bless.....

01 Oct 09 - I try to visit your site daily but don't always get the chance. Hearing he is going through all these difficulties makes me very sad. He has been so strong and gone through so much – as have all of you – it just isn't right! Be strong for Jaymun and for eachother – you are in my thoughts and prayers for better days ahead. Jackie VerVoort, Field Office Director Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin

01 Oct 09 - Praying! PRAYING!! praying!!! Rosemary Cortinaz

01 Oct 09 - Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jaymun and your family through this very difficult time. The Eslinger Family
Mechanicsburg, PA

01 Oct 09 - So so so disappointed to hear this latest news of your Jaymun. Crushing- No one has given more or tried harder to do all he could to save the life of a child. I respect that. Your faith in God is a comfort to us out here in the body. It makes us feel less afraid that should a tragedy of this magnitude overtake us, we could survive, because we have watched you. Thank you. I am still checking your blog daily, asking for one crazy miracle and asking our God for grace, and strength for your family. Jesus, calm this storm. Karen

29 Sep 09 - Praying for you guys! Amber

29 Sep 09 - Dear Friend, my heart goes out to you and your family as you go thru this wicked journey in your life. Jaymun you are such a warrior, keep being strong, you have a family that loves you very much. I have never met any of you, but I want you to know that you each have a special place in my heart and I pray each day for your strength as a family to get thru this together. Lots of love and prayers Sheri Kostic Racine Wisconsin

29 Sep 09 - Dave and Jennifer, So sorry to hear once again how things are going. Just wanted you to know that our prayers are constant for all of you. May God give you all the strengh and comfort you will need to see this through once again, and I have faith that he will guide you through this and hold you up when you feel down. Love you guys. Bev Teetzen

29 Sep 09 - Dear Kaat family- I can't tell you how sad I am to hear the latest news. I'm praying hard that this special little boy is healed once again and returns to his happy little self. I'm also praying for the rest of your family that you find the strength and courage to make it through the latest roadblock. Much love-Kim

29 Sep 09 - Jaymun and all of you are in my thoughts. Everytime I visit the page I wish really hard before the page loads "let it be good news, great news..." I was sorry to see that wasn't to be today. I will keep wishing and hoping. I'm never sure what to say here, I just want you to know others are out there pulling for Jaymun, for all of you, for peace and health and a quick way out of where you are now. Is there anything that Jaymun would love to receive in the mail - maybe something from the NYC area? Kathryn
29 Sep 09 - Dearest Kaats, We have been keeping up with what's going on and we are praying HARD for little Jaymun. I trust that things will come up. Complete faith! We love you all and will see you soon.
All our LOVE, ^ReyRey's^ Team

14 Sep 09 - I am so glad to hear that he is full of energy. Jim had mentioned that he saw you over the weekend, I wish I could have seen you. I can only imagine how it gladdens your heart to hear his giggles and see him running. I wish you the best of luck and I will certainly continue to pray that the Lord guides your judgment and knowledge when it comes to working with the herbs. Take care David and give Jennifer my best, I hope she is feeling well soon. Pattie Tarnowski

13 Sep 09 - Dave, remember that the destination is not as important as the journey. Your journey has been beautiful, colorful, and yes painful with plenty of tears. But every day the journey continues, you are creating more memories, more miracles and strengthening faith and fellowship. We continue to pray. Todd T.

8 Sep 09 - We have been thinking of you guys a lot the past few weeks! I have wanted to pick up the phone so many times but just don't want to interrupt any of your time together.... I know how precious it is every day that you don't have to be running to CHW and clinics and all that you do for the other kids. Just know that we are thinking and praying for you and if you want some company or to talk a bit just give a call or email. Love, The Van Beeks

p.s. Dave your cat is still here. She misses you ! ) *Wink*

1 Sep 09 - I am so sorry that you're going through all of this right now. I am at a loss for words. I have been following the blog since my daughter was diagnosed with ALL at the end of April of this year. I am just heartbroken thinking of how much little Jaymun has been through, and that just yesterday he had to endure more surgery, needle sticks, etc. I am praying for him, and for your family. What a sweet little boy you have. Thank you for sharing his journey. Emily W.

1 Sep 09 - Chris came home today and said that Devon asked us to check out the site. I'm so sorry that things are not well. We have been continuously praying for Jaymun, and will continue. I hope things get better for you all. Everyday with him is a blessing. Jeff & Tori Wilson and family

31 Aug 09 - It's hard to hear about Jaymun not feeling well, nevermind in the hospital, needles, IV lines, anything that make him uncomfortable. I hope this rough patch is exactly that, a small rough patch, on the journey to wellness. My thoughts with everyone, especially sweet Jaymun. Kathryn

30 Aug 09 -
So thankful for your story.
It breaks my heart to hear about you snuggling. It is so hard to look at your own child and consider the possibility that he might be gone. You have done so much and continue to do so. How amazing what you have done.
You are in my prayers. Phoebe

30 Aug 09 - We are hurting with you and praying with you. No one has ever worked harder to keep a child alive. I find myself so often at a loss for words after I read your journal, as if time has entirely stopped, perhaps an intentional part of a much bigger plan than any of us can see. -- Becca Piper Joe and ^^Michael's^^ Forever Mom

30 Aug 09 - Prayers still coming fo your family fom us!! I don't know much about cancer, but when you started talking seizures, that is something I can relate too. The meds seem to be worse than the seizures themselves. I saw your family on Weds night and heard Jaymun's giggles down the school hallway and thought maybe things were moving forward. God definitely has a plan for this little boy. The Pannier's from St. John
Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

18 Aug 09 - Oh Praise Him. Thank you LORD for every good gift you send! I am asking God for complete healing of Jaymun. I believe. Karen

17 Aug 09 - Hello. I have never met you but have been following Jaymun off and on for quite so time. I missed July and all the trials that you went through. Glad to hear things are looking up. You have prayers going up from Louisiana. I am praying for Jaymun for continued improvement, strength, and comfort. I am praying for Mom and Dad for strength, comfort, and peace. For his siblings, I am praying that they are able to understand in all this that we do have a Great God.
My prayers is that 10, 20, 30... years from now we will be celebrating this time as Jaymun's final recovery. He will be telling his kids all about it. Sarah M.

17 Aug 09 - Yes, absolutely praise the Lord!!! I live across the street from Mark and Roxanne in beautiful Hoyleton, IL and I have followed Jaymun's story since I learned about him from Mark. He is a doll!!!! I am so happy he is doing better!! Lisa

16 Aug 09 - Hi to all,
I've been thinking of you constantly in thought and prayer. I especially took interest in the posted rant that Dave had made. ( I was one that did manage to see it!) Good for you! In Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Even Jesus turned the tables of the money changers over out of anger. Justified anger...I might add. You know we all need to have an outlet for our frustrations and if we could all be a sounding board for you Amen to that.
You know that a lot of what you wrote is very true about some doctors and the system in general. Many go to any length to save their own butt, but like you said, if the shoe would be on the other foot...some measures taken may be different. Or at least those in charge might become more aware of the hopelessness that overtakes you when alternatives seem to be exhausted, or even worse yet...when no alternatives are brought to light at all! Hope is such an important medicine in its own right. So to crush that slightest glimmer of hope should not be acceptable!
Hope! What a gracious, loving, generous, comforting, and promised gift it is...and Jesus is the epitome of that gift!
Let us all rave of the marvelous works and gifts our Lord God has shown and given to us...as unworthy as we are. Life...both temporal and eternal are God's gift. The Holy Spirit calls and reveals God's greatest Gift. How we choose to use and accept, or reject, that gift is essentially up to us.
You are using his Gift (Jesus) and gifts (your family) and sharing with all who will read your postings. What a blessing, and hope you bring to others, as God works you!
We thank God for the Good News brought out and through Jaymun. God uses some of the least expected, as his tools, to win victories for Christ!
Love to you always, Aunt Karen.

14 Aug 09 - Dear Jennifer, Dave and Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. I was so shocked to hear that Jaymun had suffered a relapse. He is such a little fighter and he is blessed to have such a strong family around him. Jaymun continues to be on our prayer list at Church here in Lakenheath, England. All our love to Jaymun and to all of you. The Andersons - Alastair, George, Ian, Alexandra and Isabel

14 Aug 09 - Thinking of you all today and wanted to let you know. I love the pictures on the beach. I am headed to the beach myself tomorrow for a week and will look forward to getting up to date with Jaymun when I return. I hope it's all good news. For now we live life for every moment. Kathryn

13 Aug 09 - Hi Dave and Family, Thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs. I just read the last journal report and Jaymun looks so healthy and beautiful. He is so strong. May God bless you all. I pray that Jaymun will tolerate the treatments well and respond favorably, exceeding the doctor's expectations in every regard. May God let it happen!! Continue to pray and keep the faith. He is a merciful God. Blessings to you, Felicia Murray

9 Aug 2009 - Your love, devotion and steadfastness continue to bore into my heart and remind me of Christ's abundance. With prayers for you all Diane in Georgia
another AML person in Remission, thank God!

5 Aug 2009 - Hi, Just stoppin by to let you all know we are thinking about and praying for all of you daily. It has been some time since we talked but we never go a day without talking about one of you. We hope all is well and pray that the BIG man upstairs stays on Jaymun's side. We believe in him and we also believe in you as parents to continue to be the best advocates for Jaymun. Please keep in touch. Lots of Love Olivia & Rey

5 Aug 2009 - Praise the Lord for the great report! God is good. The Greens

2 Aug 2009 - Dear Kaat Family,
We have been praying for your son, Jaymun, and for all of your family, especially with the hardships of late. We are so sorry about the very difficult recent day for Jaymun. We found your website through another blog after our son, Daniel, was diagnosed with ALL back in February - www.caringbridge.org/visit/danielgreen. We are praying for complete healing for Jaymun, despite what the latest "evidence" shows. We are praying for wisdom and peace for you as his parents as you make decisions and try to discern what is best for him. We are praying for the rest of your kids who are so beautiful and precious with their little brother. The kids and I love watching the videos of Jaymun and the rest of your crew. What a precious family the Lord has blessed you with! Last night at our house was long, not hard but sleepless with Daniel not able to sleep, our baby Jonathan waking up a few times and our five year old sick with a cough and fever and needing breathing treatments and to be moved out of the room he shares with Daniel so to try to prevent spread of germs while his ANC is so low (~200). Sometimes the Lord gives us sleepless nights so that we can pray. I was praying for Jaymun and for you all last night. He is a good God. He has a purpose and a plan but sometimes we want to cry out, "Lord, have you forsaken me?!" But He never does forsake us because He forsook Christ for us. "Be strong and courageous, do not be terrified, do not be discouraged. For God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9. Our hearts are set on pilgrimage (or at least we strive for them to be!) knowing the days of our journey to inconceivable joy were written in His Book before one of them came to be. God has given you a Treasure, the treasure of knowing Him. Though you may not realize it, the Lord is shining through you all even in the midst of your questions and anger and brokenness ("But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed..."). Many who do not know Him are being pointed to Him, the keeper of our souls and the God of our eternities, through you. May the Lord use your long hours and tiresome research of herbal treatments to bring healing for your son and other children that follow.
Eternal grace and peace and hope in Christ,
Lisa and Harris Green

31 Jul 2009 - This story is what dreams are made of, dreams we all have but may never act, dreams that pull you deeper and darker than ever one soul could image, and yet this story reads on
...as if you said wait time, this is my son and we will forever fight on. My dream is that one day you may look back in amazement and disbelief as you and your son grow old together with your family.
Cancer killed my father, cancer has no dreams.
With true care & admiration, Chad

29 Jul 2009 - Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for sweet Jaymun. I have a little girl just a few months younger then Jaymun. His story makes me remember grateful for her health. Pryaing for healing for Jaymun and wisdom for you and his doctors. Hugs and Prayers Rachel in PA

28 Jul 2009 - My thoughts and prayers are with you, your wife, Jaymun and your children. Keep looking for the opened window that God provides. Annie

27 Jul 2009 - Dear Dave and Jennifer, I hope you are all doing well. I see from the video Jaymun is playing and laughing- what joy for you and him. I am the nursing student who shadowed Jaymun during his ommya procedure (Thurs. 7/23). Best to you and your family. You all are in my prayers. I will be watching Jaymun's progress on the website. Sincerely, Nettie

27 Jul 2009 - When you first came a part of my life it was not by accident it was because God knew that I needed an angel in my life who was from a distant and a family who would be loving and caring as well. It is not by chance that we come to know each other in life but by GOD'S doing. I wish you and your family the best that life offers. Always remember that our plan was set for us before we entered the world
...GOD BLESS - Imogene

25 Jul 2009 - I can't get little Jaymun out of my heart and mind. I am praying for him and my friends on facebook are also. I am praying for healing and rest for all of you. You must be mentally and physically exhausted. I pray God gives you strength while your going through this again. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Love Terri

23 Jul 2009 - We have been out of town but following the new developments, praying with all our might that God will open another door for you. We are right up the road and would do anything to help you. Know we are ALWAYS open to helping your family, in any way possible. Much love.... Becca and Ken Piper Joe and ^^Michael's^^ Forever Parents

23 Jul 2009 - Oh you guys... we have been thinking of you all and checking your site nonstop to see how little Jaymun is doing. I have been asking God and even our Isaiah to watch over you and your family. I just don't understand why anyone has to go through any of this...why the little ones. I pray that you get some relief for the next few days and are able to take a breath.
I did drop off a hot dinner for the kids on wed and am more than happy to make more...keep me posted. It is the least that I could do for your wonderful family!!!
One last note:) ... are they crazy trying to get a 3 year old to lay on his back for 24 hours!! That sounds as crazy as trying to have a 2 year old sit in a plastic box 3 times a day for 3 hours each! Those crazy doctors!!
Know that we are here for you anytime!!
ps Dave you left your cat here a few weeks ago when you came to visit. You can come pick her up amy time! She misses you! ;) wink wink
Becky Van Beek

23 Jul 2009 - Just want you, Jennifer and Dave, to know that we are praying unceasingly for Jaymun, you two and your family. May Our Gracious Father extend His healing hand upon Jaymun. Bob and Marilyn

23 Jul 2009 - I truly appreciate the time taken to share with us your trials and triumphs. I check in quite often for the latest Kaat news & have directed some (who are suffering from cancer) to review your herbal information. Hopefully they, too, will be able to find some success. Thank you for sharing your very personal journey. Bev MacPhee All Clear Water Treatment Ltd.

22 Jul 2009 - Jaymun and all of the rest of his family are in my thoughts. Happy Belated birthday and get well and out of that hospital soon! Kathryn

21 Jul 2009 - Dear Jaymun, Our prayers are with you & your family. Sending a rush of positive thoughts, prayers & big hugs your way, buddy.
I think sweet Kirsten might be on to something... The Ress Kids & I will be eating a ton o' Twizzlers tomorrow in your name. (Hey, we gotta do our part.)
God Bless, Todd, Jenny, Asha, Ryder & Kole

20 Jul 2009 - Hey Kaat family!! We are praying for you little Jaymun and I know that the Lord is watching over you. Praying for wisdom and understanding for you, Dave and Jennifer, regarding his treatments and what will be best for Jaymun. In Christ's love, Heather Flood and family

20 Jul 2009 - Jaymun's in our prayers. Tryg

19 Jul 2009 - Lots of extra prayers headed your way as you overcome this latest obstacle. Keep the Faith! The Raih Family

19 Jul 2009 - Praying and continuing to pray. The Diethorn Family, California PA

19 Jul 2009 - Hi Dave & Jennifer I just checked the blog and was totally shocked to hear about Jaymun!! We are always praying for him but will of course storm the gates of Heaven for God to heal him and give you wisdom and peace about the course of treatment that will be best for him. Praying diligently!! Heather Flood

18 Jul 2009 - In Jesus' name we declare that Jesus is Lord over Jaymun and over the Kaat family. We declare you are the Healer, and we confidently put our trust in You. Help us to hear Your voice and Your wisdom, just as Peter did when you told him to throw the net on the other side of the boat. In Jesus name, I pray Your deep settled peace over Dave and his family. Amen" Love ya bro' Tom