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Tough Night in the Hospital

Journal, Blood, CSF, Marrow, VNTR - 7/19/2009

8:00 AM
We had a rough evening. Jaymun had four seizures ...a light one around 9:00 last evening then stronger until the last two were back-to-back around 2:30 AM. They gave him a single dose of Ativan (anti-seizure med) and now he's sleeping by Jennifer.

They suppose this is from the cerebral edema / meningeal lesion and worsening because we have not yet started intrathecal treatment to get the blasts. They are talking about sending him down to the ICU for extra care if the seizures continue.

Kirsten said she had a dream last night that I added Twizzlers to Jaymun's herbs ...and cured his cancer!
Hmmmmmm ...the vending machine has a quality supply of Twizzlers :)

5:00 PM
We had another LP, a bone-marrow aspirate, and a intrathecal triple-dose of chemo today. Jaymun slept most of the day because of his seizures last night. But now he is starting to perk up and ask for things.

8:00 PM
Jaymun ate a huge supper, talked and laughed. He keeps pulling off his pulsox and saying "Aha!" afterwards.