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If you have any scientific research connections ...PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST.
I am writing this on behalf of several children I know who are in critical condition.
Relapsed cancer, at the end of traditional treatment, parents fighting hard for extra days and weeks.

For those of you who do not remember part of last year's crisis let me give you a refresher.
I was zeroing in on the "root of leukemia" ...those nasty leukemic "stem cells".
And talking about the drug they are working on which is an analogue of a substance from the plant FeverFew.
It seems one of the main motivations to develop that drug is that parthenolide (the FeverFew component that kills those cancerous stem cells) is not very "bioavailable".

To make things simple ...even if you take FeverFew tablets, the "good stuff" will probably not get into your bloodstream. They tried these tablets already (see trial) and gave up trying to achieve measurable plasma parthenolide levels. To my knowledge they never tried other methods such as teas and/or emulsification. Instead, they have made this new "look-alike" drug which will take years to wind its way through various clinical trials in foreign lands before the FDA might possibly approve its use here in the USA.

In the meantime, there is this "underground network" of desperate parents of children with refractory leukemia, basically ticking time bombs of untreatable disease ...only months or weeks to live. Some of us are managing with alternative methods to maintain fragile remissions for months at a time with alternative methods, but the "stem cell" issue still remains. Will we have to fight off relapses for the rest of our lives, or is there a way to "root out" this disease for good? I get constant communication from around the world ...people experimenting with different methods to make things like FeverFew and Curcumin more bioavailable. Their children do not have time to wait for "side-effect" testing, to receive the "greater benefits" of the new drug
...they want to at least leverage the most out of the plant right now ...see studies I've organized.

I thought the following email (we'll keep the author anonomous) was noteworthy (many thanks):

From a friend 4/17/2009 3:55 PM:


...Now on a bit of a tangent I did find Organic Standardized Fever Few tincture where 500mg of Feverfew delivers 600 mcg's of PTL

Already a liquid and the only liquid I found that has standardization of PTL.
I ordered this and I'm going to do an emulsion first..."

...I will heat water to about 120 degrees (not boiling) as the Herbalist from England at Gaia Herbs (I called her) said high temperatures will break down many compounds like Parthenolides or Cucuminoids... 120 F is the sweet spot on the temp.
I will then add the Fever Few Extract to the dosing I need (going to go with 3000mg of liquid as my child is about 40 Kilos) and the University of Rochester found no issues with 4000 mg a day with people weighing 75 kilos average ( I know I'm on the high side but I need to see what threshold I can hit. I will do it on myself for awhile at 6 grams and make sure it is ok as I weigh 185 Lbs.
I will then mix in 500mg of Lecithin, the king of the emulsifiers.
2 oz heavy organic cream
1 tablespoon high fat hot coco mix
Stir and drink.

Honestly I would do the Curcumin the same way as heating this up with the chocolate may be hitting high temperatures and breaking down the compounds. Too much heat is not good for many herbal, plant compounds.
Anyway it is Jethro-Bodin chemistry but it is what it is."

So I say ...why wait around ...and why do something only half way? If we are going to do it, let's do it right. I have been looking for the capability to test blood plasma for parthenolide so I can do a test on myself and know if various methods work. Even if this drug becomes available in five years, WE CAN SAVE LIVES in the meantime. I would like to see if the above method works better than my one ounce batches of 500 mcg FeverFew tea with added lecithin and fish oil.

If you have any connections or contacts that can help, I will cover the cost.
How much would it cost to do a small study? Five or Ten Thousand?

And this is only one of "hundreds" of important studies ...exciting plant-based research to help learn about phytochemicals, flavonoids, anti-oxidents, spices, fungi - resveratrol, quercetin, curcumin, beta-glucans, etc. ...exploring how they interact with cellular signaling, immunology, stem-cells, etc. Great opportunities to enable doctors to truly hasten to help.

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