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Make-A-Wish (Part Four)


Sea World is the last of the theme parks
we visited. I think all of the kids
would agree that their favorite part
was being able to feed the dolphins!
Jaymun thought it was great fun to
watch his daddy throw them fish.
People around us were laughing when
Jaymun got excited from the dolphins
splashing in the water as they swam up close.

One of the trainers was kind enough
to take us over to another part of
the dolphin pool and then he had a dolphin
flip up right next to the wall so that
Jaymun could take his time petting it.

Here are the kids waiting for one of the shows to open
...notice there are only four children in the photo.
Jaymun is not fond of standing still for any reason!

Another favorite Sea World's attraction
of Jaymun's was the Shark Encounter.
He shares a fondness for fish and
sharks along with his brothers.
The photo didn't turn out the
greatest due to it being completely
dark in the walkway tunnel, but
I like the fact that you can make out
some of the sharks swimming right
overhead. He was really not happy
when we came to the end of the exhibit!