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Make-A-Wish (Part Three)


Sorry for the long interruption in posting. Dave keeps tellling me to send some new updates, but I always manage to find other things to do with my time. I think a large part of my procrastination is that I know since Jaymun's been home from the hospital and doing fairly well lately, I feel as though the readership has significantly dropped off. That's as it should be since we're thankful Jaymun's health doesn't warrant daily updates anymore, but I apologize to those of you who still faithfully check his website for current news and are disappointed when you don't receive any. I have every intention of getting this trip segment finished--there's probably around ten parts to it, so don't lose heart, I plan on thoroughly boring all of you with our travel photos in the weeks to come!

We visited Animal Kingdom after Gatorland, but I didn't take many photos there and so we will move on to Magic Kingdom. I'm not a big fan of showering people with photos of things everyone has already seen a million times before. I know all of you can use your imagination and picture the crowds of people, the long lines (although Jaymun's Make-A-Wish pass moved us speedily to the front of the lines, thank you very much!), the rides, the characters, etc. We took in as much as we could before Jaymun's need for sleep overtook us.

Jaymun took a particular liking to a
Cars watch he found in a gift shop.
Out of everything we passed by in the shops,
this watch really beckoned to him.
For the rest of the afternoon,
he could be seen looking down
at his wrist admiring his new watch.

There was plenty of indulging in cold
refreshments throughout our stay.

And of course, the obligatory photo taken in front of the castle. Just picture the excitement of lining up five very worn out, exhausted, sun-baked children for a cheery photo op. They love their mom's camera, especially at moments like this! (Notice Jaymun proudly pointing out his watch!)

Let me just say that there was no way we were
leaving the Magic Kingdom without buying these
for Jaymun. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist.

You know they had to be personalized too! Jaymun was eagerly waiting for the train to arrive so he could go for a ride. We almost didn't stop to take a train ride before we left for the day--judging from Jaymun's extreme happiness, I think watching him light up with such delight was the highlight of the whole theme park for us!