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Journal, Blood - 9/20/2009

If you've been following our story, you know that one of my passions is giving people safe drinking water.
Last year we helped Tom and Troy drill several fresh water wells in third-world countries.
Thank you readers for helping us last year with that "Kothapalli project".

I also talked last year about the "man from Nairobi". At that time Father Joseph told me about the dire situation in Kenya and the difficulty to drill wells for the drought stricken villages. Well, now a door has opened up for us to help in a big way. A few weeks ago I met a man (and what a man!). Simon is an actual Maasai warrior ...son of a chief. He was in prison years ago for stealing cattle, when God touched his life. Since then he has become a testimony for God's love and a powerful help for his people.

He spent the evening at our house telling us stories about their tribal culture.
(Simon actually invited my son Ben to come to live in his village, and learn to spear lions!)

Simon is trying to help his people. He is one of the few Maasai that received an education. Simon met with the UN, and several large church denominations last year, raising money to drill water wells. Of course their most urgent need is for fresh drinking water. I asked Simon to tell me about one of the many villages still without water, to write me a note, and send pictures. I told him we knew many people who love to help others, and we would all pitch in.

A few days ago I received the following note from Simon describing the conditions in Ilmasharen, Maasailand:

This village is Located in Kenya East Africa Kajiado North District, almost 250 kilometers from Nairobi, North Rift in the bottom of the Rift valley. ILMasharen having a population of 700 peoples living in the 27 near by Villages. Ilmasharen people think most of the time God have forgotten them. they live horrible life just because of an precious commodity Water. they live about 25 miles where they can get water and their source of Water is Enchoroi meaning Oasis. Donkeys is their transport and women carry 20 liters of water containers in their back and they bear a mark on their head and Donkeys carrying big containers. Not only ILmasharen peoples got water from this source many other Villages does. Like Oloikumkum having a population of 800. Taritik 300, Olpura 400. All this Villages are fetching from this source, and they fetch Water by turns. Remember this , looking for water depend the number of people a head of you first come first served. Sometime took them two Days for ILmasharen women to return home twelve Hours to Enchoroi and twelve hours to come back and if many people are their they can take more days for this womens to return home. the most to suffer are the small children. In ILmasharen one never mention water in the Maasai name enkare because children will asked you and start crying and their mothers didn't come yet so all adult will speak in parable which children will never Understand, and they tell their Visitors not to mention it. I was surprise to learn that. Mosoika ole punyua is the Oldest man in the community may be hundred years or more, have been having 500 donkeys told me I don't know how we can survives without this Donkeys. Out of this Donkeys 32 left due to 2008-2009 drought and the whole Villages have been using as mean of transport. All Die for hard work and walking long Distant. Enkurot ole Tita child was attack inside the house while wild Baboons looking for water and they rip of the stomach of three years Namelok ene Tita, and the child was left in a critical conditions due to the whole Village effort. Namelok was carried to Nairobi for three day but the child have lost most of the Intestain due to this incident. When I was talking to Mosoika ole Punyua this is not the first incident due to human and animals conflict just one of the many lives of both human, Livestock, and wildlife have lost. Mosoika narrated that many Orphan left behind when Malaria breakout many women die due their weak bodies for hard work which they have been doing wanted to support their family by looking for water. To put a Well you have to Drill more than 600 feet to hit Water. This is the Normal geological servey to put a Well in the bottom of the Rift Valley

So, friends, what can we do here? I think we can gather some money, possibly even a diesel generator and well pump
(I have the specifications already). We can ask Convoy of Hope to ship equipment, and Simon says the people of Ilmasharen would love to have us visit and watch the well being dug.
If we get this done rapidly, we can give some thirsty people a lifesaving Christmas present.

Can you help with this project? Email me: guestbook@jaymun.com.
Donate to: Jaymun Foundation, Box 411, Plymouth WI 53073
Specify "Simon Well Project" and I'll make sure EVERY PENNY goes towards these wells.