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Homeopathy, Detox, etc. ???


I get asked questions often, by those casting about in search of alternative options
as "last-ditch" efforts to stave off cancer that has resisted traditional treatment.

I know how tough it is to sort through recommendations
...there are those who passionately "believe" in certain methods.
...possibly they have witnessed success and science has not yet caught up.
Far be it from me to do what others did when we started researching and completely discount other options.

However, I do have some sort of "perspective" which may be helpful to share here for those who are running out of time.
Several of the most common "options" discussed include homeopathy and detoxing.
I'll update this post as I get feedback. PLEASE only send me PubMed links. That's all I have time to read.
And remember, my normal disclaimer applies.

I know little about homeopathy other than what I've read on Wikipedia.
It seems like there is an ongoing debate about concentration, effectiveness, etc. of homeopathic remedies.
For what they are worth, my comments on homeopathy are as follows:

Many studies I've read show that the same cellular signalling pathway problems that make
cancer resistant to traditional treatment ALSO make cancer resistant to the immune system.
So EVEN IF homeopathic remedies were able to potently manipulate the immune system
they would fail against cancer without first and simultaneously reversing that inherant resistance.
And if you can accomplish THAT, then why not simply stimulate the immune system with things
(beta-glucans, herbs, etc.) that have already been studied more widely at measurable concentrations?

Forget about the arguments about whether or not the homeopathic remedies actually stimulate the immune system.
How to stimulate seems to me like a big distraction from the real issue at hand (when and following what else).
Fine ...try homeopathy. Just make sure you also use the other natural things we already know work.
In any event, you are probably missing the target unless you first conquer the apoptotic signalling resistance.

I suppose if I was going to study homeopathy from a scientific perspective
...I'd start with things like Hormesis but I just haven't had the time.
And then there is the subject of "detoxing".
I know even less about that so take my comments here with a very large grain of salt.
What I do remember is my Uncle John trying a detox with cabbage juice, that had very interesting results (grin).
Seriously though, I've talked to herbalists who warn against the dangers of
detox weakening the body, and that too much "cleansing" can kill you.

I'm not saying that if you live upstairs from a pesticide factory with high-power lines running past your bedroom window you shouldn't consider moving immediately :) And I know there is a place for detox and cleansing, but from what I've learned about the causes of cancer, I think resistant cancer usually exists in a later time and space than the original genetic or epigenetic root stress. (see yesterday's post on epigenetics).

In which case detoxing and cleansing are only weakening the body at a very critical time in which you need to build and repair systems already ravaged by failed treatments. There are ways to build ...I suppose epigenetic therapy could be classified as building or strengthening, and certainly the immunotherapy that would accompany it is "building". If by detox you mean repairing after toxic damage then I agree. I guess that is what we started back in July after Jaymun's gut, liver, brain etc. were compromised. Ditto if you mean restoring the probiotic balance in your gut ...see my post on probiotics. However, with active cancer, I think you fight, repair, and build before putting the body through detox cycles to ferret some elusive toxic source. My point of reference is a newborn baby with purple spots head to toe, born with leukemia.
In that situation would you suggest detoxing first, or some warm colostrum from mama?

I think when traditional treatment fails, you jump to the next level ...where science is gathering data ...like nutrigenomics.
Fortunately terminal patients can begin now to implement these natural remedies without waiting.

That's what we are doing for Jaymun (good example is the week of August 11, 2008).