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Jaymun's Picture Story

Jaymun, our baby who started life with cancer, is fighting hard against AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia).
Picture your way through his story, follow the links - join us thanking God for our lively treasure.

    Chapter 1: Birth, diagnosis, chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant, severe complications - a miracle.
    Chapter 2: AML Relapse, chemo, brain damage, aplastic, refractory CNS - herbal remedies the last hope.
    Chapter 3: GI healed, Home Aplastic with CNS AML, herbal remedies, marrow recovery - complete remission!
    Chapter 4: God is still writing this one ...follow our latest blog entry.

Chapter Three:   2008-Now

Herbal Regimen to heal GI failure
Herbal GI rescue (7/22 - 7/26)

Small Steps for a Sick Baby
Small Steps (evening 7/24)
Eating Pudding
Eating Pudding (07/25)

Eating Pudding
Jaymun Rides Again (07/26)

Trapped between Aplastic Marrow and Active CNS AML:
Subdural Hygromas during treatment for CNS Leukemia - AML(m5)
Looking for a Way Out (07/28)

Ben and Jaymun in the Hospital Playroom
Stand Still (07/31)

Regrouping at Home
Regrouping at Home

Researching Chinese Herbal Formulas
Expanding the Search

Chapter 3 still under construction...
(see journal review in the meantime)

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