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Jaymun's Picture Story

Jaymun, our baby who started life with cancer, is fighting hard against AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia).
Picture your way through his story, follow the links - join us thanking God for our lively treasure.

    Chapter 1: Birth, diagnosis, chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant, severe complications - a miracle.
    Chapter 2: AML Relapse, chemo, brain damage, aplastic, refractory CNS - herbal remedies the last hope.
    Chapter 3: GI healed, Home Aplastic with CNS AML, herbal remedies, marrow recovery - complete remission!
    Chapter 4: God is still writing this one ...follow our latest blog entry.

Chapter Two:   2008

AML CNS Relapse (with marrow involvment) - intrathecal therapy started
CNS and Marrow Relapse              Why, God?

Coloring books - hospital activity
Hospital Life ...making the best of it

Jaymun likes to ride the wagon
"Wagon Rides" - life on the roll

Feeding Jaymun Popsicles at Midnight
Midnight Popsicle - started researching herbs

Infections at His Neutrophil Nadir
Bad News and Infections

Thinking about Leukemic Stem Cell Research
Thinking about Leukemic Stem Cells

Celebrating the good CNS News with Andy and Jaymun
Good CNS News - Jaymun celebrated with Andy and I
Aplastic Marrow and GI Failure
Aplastic Marrow and GI Failure

Subdural Hygroma's - Head CT
Brain Damage (pressure from subdural hygromas)

The doctors say there is no hope - Jaymun will die within weeks
Helpless Sorrow. The Docs give up and say Jaymun will die.
Only God knows our pain.

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